View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. The DOWNSIDE of waiting 3+ years for WWIII
  2. Israeli Ambassador: Bush will not hesitate to use force in Iran
  3. Iran: "Great war to wipe out Israel is coming"
  4. Iran shows footage of aircraft carrier in its waters
  5. Isreal: Strike on Iran is possible
  6. Iran's latest verbal attack on Israel
  7. 'We are dead people' - Gaza defiance grows
  8. How China will deal with America - Part 2
  9. Syria warns of war with Israel within 'months'
  10. Ethiopian jews clash with israeli police; 8 hurt
  11. U.S. might attack North Korea
  12. MORE soldiers headed to Iraq
  13. Russia prepares "response" to our anti-missile shield
  14. Iraq is a total failure
  15. Former Soviet dissident warns of EU dictatorship
  16. Martial Law update
  17. Like clockwork: Before election day, ANOTHER Al-Qaeda video
  18. Voice of the White House - Nov 3
  19. US speeds attack plans for North Korea
  20. Cheney: It Doesn't Matter What The Public Think
  21. Bush 'would understand' if Israel attacked Iran
  22. New York Time to lead with a story about IRAQ and search for Nukes
  23. Israel gearing up to bomb Iran
  24. PROOF they are getting ready for Civilian Labor Camps
  25. Do they know something we don't?
  26. Baghdad now under seige
  27. US Air Force needs extra $50 billion to transport dead, wounded
  28. Tending a Fallen Marine, With Skill, Prayer and Fury
  29. Iran tests long range missile
  30. MANY mortgages involved $100K back at closing
  31. Day 1,323 of the Iraq War
  32. Most US soldiers will be claiming disability
  33. John F Kerry aka Lurch
  34. Bomb explodes at Paypal network headquarters
  35. Bush moves even CLOSER to Martial Law
  36. Hard evidence for a nuclear war -- soon!
  37. The coming storm: Activating the National Guard
  38. WMD exercise set to begin in Gulf
  39. Osama Bel Laden Dead AND Alive???
  40. Egypt moves 5,000 troops to Gaza border
  41. Saudi Arabia confirms threat to oil facilities
  42. Suspicious fire guts largest counterintelligence operation
  43. Terrorists "destroying fire trucks before they set fires?"
  44. Current danger of nuclear war: Higher than ever
  45. Latest news from the White House
  46. Interesting rumor
  47. China would strike us where it hurts
  48. A huge US fortress rises in Baghdad
  49. The truth about Iraq
  50. Proposal to require permission from gov't to leave USA