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1846 la sallette and Devotion to the Holy Face and
« on: January 06, 2021, 03:46:16 AM »
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  • 1846 was the year the Our Blessed Mother appeared at La Salette.
    1846 was the year Our Blessed Lord spoke to Sr. Marie St. Peter a very similar warning to that of the Blessed Mother atLa Salette.

    O Come Let Us Adore Him like Three Wise Men


    Let us recall that Our Lord expressed what was necessary to disarm the Justice of God via the Devotion to His Holy Face.

    He said that only Reparation could disarm the Justice of God because the guilt of men had provoked His anger.

    On October 4, 1846, Our Lord explained to Sr. Marie what chastisements of God’s Justice would be felt because of the profanation of Sunday. There had been a terrible flood caused by the overflowing of the River Loire that had been unprecedented for many centuries. Sr. Marie was told that God “wielded the elements” because of the profanation of Sunday. On this day, Sr. Marie was  given to know that in the future (perhaps because He was largely ignored) “God’s Justice would use as the instrument of punishment, not the elements, but the ‘malice of ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary men—that is the Communists.’” (This was the first revelation from Heaven concerning ƈσmmυɳιsm. Our Lord said that this devotion would defeat it. It is, therefore, the sister-devotion to the Fatima devotion--necessary to save the world. It is interesting to note that ƈσmmυɳιsm was at its very beginning stages, as Karl Marx, the father of ƈσmmυɳιsm, had not even published his “Communist Manifesto” until 1848.) Our Lord then ordered Sr. Marie to wage war against the enemies of the Church, the Communists, through her prayers and the instruments of His Passion which would be her only weapons against them and the devil himself.

    Since we have seen the rapid demise of freedom in the world with this pandemic, I really felt we need this devotion more than ever....

    Sadly, it seems that every time Heaven allowed messages to be delivered to earth via Her messengers, we, as a collective entity, have largely ignored them!


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