View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Erdogan Holding 50 US Tactical Nukes 'Hostage' As Trump Authorizes Sanctions
  2. China has tested a new laser designed to find submarines.
  3. Can Trump Still Avoid War with Iran?
  4. Correlation of Solar Maximums with Wars
  5. What Should Puton Do? By Paul Craig Roberts
  6. The Sacraments and the Rosary our only Hope !!
  7. Netanyahu hopefully soon to be indicted
  8. ISIS Exposed
  9. Iran War Imminent?
  10. John Bolton's Jewish Replacement fine with Nuclear War
  11. Canadian Double Agent Arrested
  12. Will Bibi's War Become America's War
  13. Hong Kong fights for Freedom
  14. Mossad - "The Hunt" - Weinstein & Epstein
  15. Chairs & Crates Save Lives in Australian Knife Attack
  16. Operation Mockingbird
  17. Current Clinton Body Count
  18. Is a New US Mideast War Inevitable?
  19. Rational Analysis of Civil War 2 and American Politics in the next 10 years
  20. Report: American Submarine Torpedoed and sunk off Alaska Coast
  21. Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the Entire World Economy
  22. Poll: Majority Against War on Iran
  23. 'Israel does not want peace', former Mossad Chief says
  24. A False Flag to start a World War and Failed
  25. Fact Americans Need to be Deceived into War Proves Their Underlying Goodness
  26. Iran Shoots Down U.S. Drone-Ready for War
  27. Report: US Planning "Massive" Airstrike On An Iranian Facility
  28. Botching A Coup In Venezuela
  29. The Last Gasp of the Deep State
  30. Why does North Korea pose such a threat?
  31. 76 Retired US Generals and Diplomats Warn Trump Against War with Iran
  32. John Bolton Said It's Good To Lie About War
  33. Trump Is Being Set-Up for War with Iran
  34. Pentagon Plan Calls for 120,000 Troops to Counter Iran
  35. Russia To Defend Its Venezuela Oil Assets In 'Toughest Way Possible'
  36. Empire of Chaos in Hybrid War overdrive
  37. Path to WW3 Russia Flies their Jets over U.S. Military Bases
  38. An Iranian April Surprised?
  39. US loses in WW3 simulation - RAND Corp
  40. Pakistan's potential nuclear war with India
  41. How to Enjoy Dinner & Be a Proud American
  42. Russia Lists Sites For Nuclear Attack in USA
  43. Are We Sleepwalking Into Nuclear Disaster?
  44. The WWI Conspiracy
  45. The Coming Nuclear Winter
  46. US-led airstrikes claim 3 more civilian lives in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr
  47. US behavior could trigger new Israel-Lebanon conflict: Russian envoy
  48. Vladimir Putin to the West: 'We Will Bury You!"
  49. The media always makes it look like Israel is the victim and not the aggressor
  50. War Against Iran Becoming More Likely