View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Hijackers alive in 2007
  2. Theater Iran - Near Term
  3. Russia threatens USA
  4. Cheney hints at Iran strike
  5. An accident waiting to happen
  6. Saddam Hussein's last words
  7. Israel Mossad blew up gas pipeline in Iran
  8. Iran - Ready to attack
  9. More anti-Iran propaganda
  10. 2nd carrier arrives off the coast of Iran
  11. UK: US Iran attack plans revealed
  12. IDF says Hezbollah back to pre-war strength
  13. Russian general warns about US missile defense
  14. Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf
  15. Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters
  16. Muslims solidifying hold on Temple Mount
  17. Update on the American Empire
  18. Pakistan digs in for Taliban offensive
  19. Iran warns US -- you will lose in the Middle East
  20. Iran to stage new military maneuvers across borders
  21. Iran strike will be around April '07
  22. Why Bush will nuke Iran
  23. Insurgents attack US base in challenge to Iraq crackdown
  24. If we nuke Iran, congressmen could be tried for war crimes!
  25. Iran alleges US involvement in deadly attack
  26. Latest on coming Iran war
  27. US patrol ship on alert in Gulf
  28. US war in Iraq JUST LIKE Soviets in Afghanistan in 80's
  29. Russia rearms
  30. US smoking gun on Iran misfires
  31. Voice of the White House - Feb 10
  32. Tentative Agreement Reached in N. Korea Talks
  33. Iran warns US
  34. US Secretary offends Russia
  35. Iran in the crosshairs
  36. US: Iran killed 170 of our boys
  37. US able to strike Iran this spring
  38. Bombs tie Iran to Iraqi extremists
  39. Is bombing Iran Bush's call?
  40. Israel destroys part of famous mosque
  41. USS Ronald Reagan heads for the Gulf
  42. The Gulf of Sneezes
  43. US fears that they have better missiles, as another copter downed
  44. 5th US chopper down in last 18 days...
  45. Iran to hold MORE wargames in the Gulf
  46. Voice of the White House - Feb 5
  47. Excellent article - Bush is planning Iran attack
  48. Interesting advice from an "old character"
  49. 36 signs your Empire is crumbling