View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Iran seizes 15 British Marines
  2. Any Italian speakers?
  3. Iran (and North Korea) make US Dollar ILLEGAL!
  4. Truth about Dick Cheney
  5. Surge in Iraq is to prep war with Iran
  6. Nyquist
  7. Iran to sell oil in Euros?
  8. US to bomb down under in '07? What?
  9. High-ranking military officers committing suicide
  10. Voice of the White House - March 12
  11. Attacking Iran would backfire on Israel
  12. 737 US military bases = Global Empire
  13. Decline of the Superpower
  14. Syria positioned thousands of rockets on border with Israel
  15. Wise words from Putin
  16. Iranian general kidnapped -- does this mean war is soon?
  17. War in Afghanistan nears tipping point
  18. Russia selling advanced missiles to Syria and Iran?
  19. What religion is this guy?
  20. Iran airstrikes would backfire
  21. Olmert: Prepare for war with Syria
  22. Al-Qaeda ready to take on the world!
  23. Russian Senator Suspects Iran of Developing Nuclear Weapons
  24. Israel threatens strikes in Lebanon, Gaza
  25. It's happened to Britain before
  26. Israel ready for war
  27. Britain doubles naval presence in Persian Gulf
  28. Details on how Iran attack would look
  29. US generals will quit if Bush orders Iran attack
  30. American armada prepares to take on Iran
  31. Iran successfully fires rocket into space
  32. Hijackers alive in 2007
  33. Theater Iran - Near Term
  34. Russia threatens USA
  35. Cheney hints at Iran strike
  36. An accident waiting to happen
  37. Saddam Hussein's last words
  38. Israel Mossad blew up gas pipeline in Iran
  39. Iran - Ready to attack
  40. More anti-Iran propaganda
  41. 2nd carrier arrives off the coast of Iran
  42. UK: US Iran attack plans revealed
  43. IDF says Hezbollah back to pre-war strength
  44. Russian general warns about US missile defense
  45. Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf
  46. Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters
  47. Muslims solidifying hold on Temple Mount
  48. Update on the American Empire
  49. Pakistan digs in for Taliban offensive
  50. Iran warns US -- you will lose in the Middle East