View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Russia brags about new super-missile
  2. Voice of the White House - May 26, 2007
  3. FBI uses Al-Qaeda to attack Iran
  4. The FBI's new way of tracking terrorists
  5. For an "enduring constitutional government"
  6. Israel arrests 33 Hamas members
  7. Iraq Body Count
  8. If I Die Before You Wake
  9. Bush authorizes covert action against Iran
  10. Iran plans a summer offensive against US troops in Iraq?
  11. US Warships enter Gulf, head for Iran
  12. Bush may turn to UN for help with Iraq
  13. Bush to DOUBLE soldiers in Iraq by Christmas (!)
  14. Britain to pull troops from Iraq
  15. Israel plans to expand its borders (!)
  16. US Military planning for Avian Flu pandemic
  17. Admiral Fallon against Iran attack?
  18. Government prepares for nuking of American city
  19. Voice of the White House - May 11, 2007
  20. Cheney gives new warning to Iran
  21. Bush tells agencies to prepare for "decapitating attack"
  22. House to vote today on new Iraq
  23. Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to Deploy
  24. Neo-cons have a new ally in France
  25. The Russian Intifada
  26. The latest from Iraq -- May 1 07
  27. Scary predictions
  28. Sino-Russian Military Training
  29. UK Intelligence/terrorists
  30. Be Careful What you Promise
  31. Israel: 1000 missiles would stop Iran
  32. British MI5: AlQaeda and Iran planning to attack
  33. Iran has 51% of the world's Natural Gas?
  34. Green Zone follies - April 21, 2007
  35. Hamas ends truce with Israel
  36. Al-qaeda planning big attack on Britain
  37. US building military bases all over Africa
  38. Anti-Putin protestors beaten in Russia
  39. German army being prepared for action on American streets?
  40. "Bridge Wars" trying to split Baghdad in two
  41. 'I am plotting a new Russian revolution'
  42. Turkish Army wants to do battle with Kurds in Iraq
  43. If Iran attacks Israel, she will respond with Nukes
  44. British ex-hostages sell their stories
  45. Who will bite first, US or Iran?
  46. Report: US to attack Iran by end of April
  47. Iran and the US Dollar
  48. Opposing view: Iran attack NOT YET
  49. US jets violate Iran's airspace
  50. More news on the coming War