View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Seven countries in five years
  2. Oh, Israel is SUCH a good guy right?
  3. Latest on Vladimir Putin and US relations
  4. Dad of all bombs
  5. Voice of the White House - Oct 4
  6. Russia evacuates nuke experts from Iran
  7. U.S. shifts focus in future Iran confrontation
  8. Simple Error my butt
  9. There are NO nukes in Syria!
  10. WW3 was averted on Sept 6, 2007
  11. Mysterious deaths in recent nuke "accident"
  12. Two rulings against Patriot Act
  13. WW III in prophecy
  14. Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid
  15. Ahmadinejad speaks at Columbia University
  16. Iran ready for a fight
  17. Assassinations in Lebanon
  18. New Jersey can defeat ANY country's army ANYWHERE
  19. Prophesied destruction of Damascus imminent
  20. Russia is getting belligerent
  21. North Korean Ship Prompted Israeli Airstrike In Syria
  22. 'Dozens died in Syria-Iran missile test'
  23. Commie Spies
  24. US Military allowing attack on Israel to be plotted?
  25. Ominous pieces of the puzzle
  26. News on Russia
  27. Is Putin a Growing Threat?
  28. More on loose nukes story
  29. Beware the wounded beast -- Bush has lost the Iraq war
  30. Israel and Syria mobilize reserves!
  31. Putting the pieces together
  32. Israeli jets ran Iran attack drill
  33. Police break up anti-war meeting in Washington
  34. US Nukes headed for the Middle East?
  35. Shades of 9/11
  36. Iran propaganda going according to plan
  37. China hacked the Pentagon
  38. We're GOING to attack Iran!
  39. Massive damage by simply smashing machines
  40. New report suggests Iran attack imminent
  41. Pentagon plans 3-day Iranian blitzkreig
  42. Strange Happenings in Lebanon
  43. Latest from the White House
  44. Bush gives sternest warning to Iran
  45. US preparing massive attack on Iran
  46. China preparing for War?
  47. Sarkozy (French president) threatens Iran
  48. The next war grows nearer
  49. Florida National Guard deploys to Washington DC
  50. Iran drumbeat to war JUST LIKE Iraq war...