View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. US Military declares war on International Bankers
  2. Brink of disaster
  3. Russia sinks Chinese cargo ship!
  4. Communism
  5. Pakistan unravels
  6. Air force recalling experienced pilots on "volunteer" basis
  7. Russia Issues Nuclear Attack Warning Over US Takedown Of Satellite
  8. 69 computers missing from Nuclear Weapons lab
  9. Uh oh -- Israel moves farther "to the right"
  10. Nerve Agent may be missing
  11. Air Force failed two more Nuke inspections
  12. Remember the B-52 bomber with 6 missing nukes?
  13. Israel to get two awesome warships to use against Iran
  14. Widespread rioting in China
  15. Israel wants to colonize parts of Iraq as "Greater Israel"
  16. Rioting in Russia
  17. Israel asserting Middle East supremacy
  18. Next terrorist attack
  19. The latest on the War 1-13-09
  20. Very good chance of happening
  21. The Holocaust of Jews is a lie.
  22. U.S. moving TONS of weapons to Israel!
  23. Mexico to become a failed state?
  24. Former Pentagon chief predicts Iran crisis this year
  25. Israel wontonly slaughters civilians
  26. Rockets fired at Israel -- from Lebanon
  27. Israel considers next move
  28. Israel shells school; 40 civilians killed
  29. China faces civil unrest in 2009
  30. What Israel is doing
  31. Latest news from the War
  32. Israel invades Gaza with ground troops!
  33. Iran Air Force on full alert!
  34. Chicago Jewish Temple attacked?
  35. Israel in "all out war" with Hamas
  36. Iran orders Muslims to defend Gazans against Israel
  37. Israel attacks Gaza -- bloodiest day in 20 years!
  38. 2 nuclear powers on brink of war
  39. "Hell to pay" for not attacking Iran
  40. Utah Mormon prophet predicts Nukes for Christmas
  41. Russian warships head to US Coast
  42. Another forecast of the future
  43. Iran to send relief ship to Gaza
  44. 160 US & NATO vehicles blown up today in Pakistan
  46. Riots across Greece
  47. Iran tests new missile fired from warship
  48. Israel Defense Forces prepare options for strike on Iran
  49. US preparing for Iran assault?
  50. Thai protestors brace for police assault