View full version: World War III - Chapter 2
  1. Strike on Iran nearing
  2. Rome to be conquered by Islam
  3. Hezbollah prepares for offensive war against Israel
  4. Semantics can't mask Bush's chicanery
  5. Hezbollah turns to Iran for help with war against Israel
  6. Attack on Israel will destroy Iran
  7. White house preparing for war with Iran
  8. Disinformation on coming Iran war
  9. Chinese Security Forces swarm Tibet
  10. Israel still getting ready for war
  11. Israel doomed to extinction-Nasrallah
  12. Israel laying foundation for Iran war
  13. Russia's 'Father of all Bombs'
  14. Bush's War. Frontline documentary.
  15. Iraq going from bad to worse
  16. Tony Blair: Middle East peace is a race against time
  17. Cheney's "peace" trip prepares for new wars
  18. Sober report on Iran buildup -- why it will lead to war
  19. Vatican rejects bin Laden's new "crusade" charges
  20. Bin Laden threatens grave punishment over cartoons
  21. Ominous dark clouds
  22. Israel increases security ahead of Purim
  23. Will Bush attack Saudi Arabia soon?
  24. WW3 update from Bishop Williamson
  25. Chaos in Tibet capital
  26. Damascus shall cease to be a city.
  27. WW3 to break out this Good Friday?
  28. "Anti-Iran War" Admiral REMOVED FROM POST!
  29. Navy stations ships by Lebanon, Syria
  30. Fallon to be fired so Bush can nuke Iran
  31. Israel's plans to provoke war
  32. Israel says Hezbollah has 30,000 rockets
  33. Heavy fighting in Gaza; massive civilian casualties
  34. War with Colombia?
  35. U.S. posts warship off Lebanon coast
  36. Israel threatens "holocaust" in Gaza
  37. Automated killer robots sought by military
  38. B-2 crashes; 1.2 Billion up in smoke
  39. Hezbollah will soon destroy Israel
  40. Doomsday vault complete
  41. Turkey invades Iraq!
  42. Chaos in Serbia
  43. If Iran is attacked, will Russia defend it?
  44. Taliban defeat will take YEARS
  45. Independant Kosovo, WWIII
  46. A harbinger of War
  47. Israel plans to take WHOLE WORLD down with it
  48. A war awaits
  49. Map of where Internet lines were severed