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The Traditional Rosary in Advent
« on: November 30, 2012, 05:21:00 PM »
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  • I guess this is the way the saints between 1800 and 1961 prayed the Rosary

    Advent starts in 2 days maybe try it

    ROSARY (Taken from the 1858 Raccolta Pg 555 and the 1961 Ideal Missal Pg 49)
    Joyful Mysteries Monday & Thursdays throughout the year: and
                            DAILY FROM THE 1st SUNDAY OF ADVENT until the
                            feast of the Purification (Feb 2nd)
    Sorrowful Mysteries Tuesdays & Fridays throughout the year and
                            DAILY  FROM ASH WEDNESDAY until Easter Sunday
    Glorious Mysteries Wednesdays & Saturdays & Sundays throughout the year and
                              DAILY FROM EASTER SUNDAY TO TRINITY SUNDAY
    This was the custom until 1961.  How much more sense this makes to
    follow the church calendar.  No more trying to meditate on Glorious or
    Joyful mysteries during Lent or Sorrowful after Easter etc.  I restarted this
    a few years ago and found it profoundly more devotional.

    "Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered: and them that hate Him flee from before His Holy Face"  Psalm 67:2[/b]


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