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Author Topic: The Great Double Novena to the Twin Hearts Together: 33 Promises of the Lord.  (Read 235 times)

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Our Lord Jesus Christ promised final perseverance and the Last Sacraments to all who made the Nine First Fridays. Many have experienced and known the Truth of those Promises. Our Lady promised all the graces necessary for salvation in our final hour for all who keep the First 5 Saturdays, pray at least 5 decades and separately mediated for at least 15 minutes on the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. These are sure and simple means of sanctification and salvation for us all, and what is more they will increase love and devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, to Holy Mass and to the holy Rosary as we try to practice them. What is important is not to stop after 5 or 9, but to persist in the devotion throughout life, teach it to children, and try to save our souls and that of others.

3 sites that explain this Great Double Novena to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts together below, the Saviour said: "Prepare yourself with true repentance, if possible go to Confession. Receive Holy Communion on both days (First Friday and First Saturday) The intentions of the Novena must be "to console My Heart and, at the same time, the Immaculate Heart of My Mother."

The 33 Promises
The 33 Promises of Jesus to those who make the Double Great Novena:

1. All that they demand through the Heart of My Mother, provided that their requests are compatible with the Will of the Father, I will grant them during the Novena.
2. They will experience in every circumstance the extraordinary assistance of My Mother as well as her blessings.
3. Peace, Harmony and love will reign in their souls and the souls of the members of their families.
4. I will protect their families from scandals, disappointments, injustice.
5. Married couples will remain together, and if one of the spouses left the home, he or she will come back.
6. The members of their families will understand each other and persevere in the faith.
7. Expectant mothers will experience the special protection of My Mother and receive what they demand for themselves and their children.
8. The Poor will receive shelter and food.
9. I will lead them to love prayer and suffering. They will learn to love God and their neighbors.
10. The sinners will be converted without difficulty, even though somebody else makes the Novena for them.
11. The sinners will not fall back into their previous state. They will not only receive forgiveness for their sins, but also a perfect contrition and, through love, they will recover the innocence of their Baptism.
12. Those who make this Novena in the innocence of their Baptism (particularly the the children) will not offend My Heart by a grave fault until the time of their death.
13. The sinners who sincerely repent will not only escape hell but also purgatory.
14. The lukewarm will become fervent believers; they will perservere and reach perfection and saintliness in no time.
15. If parents or other members of a family make this Novena, no member of that family will be condemned to hell.
16. Many young will be called to religious life, including the priesthood.
17. Unbelievers will become believers, and those who wander without direction (Catholics who broke away) will return to the church.
18. Priests and religious will remain faithful to their vocation. The infidel will receive the grace of a sincere contrition and the possibility of returning to one's vocation.
19. Parents and leaders will receive assistance for their spiritual and material needs.
20. The body will be freed from the temptations of the world and from sin.
21. The proud and the arrogant will become humble, the temperate will be burning with love.
22. Fervent souls will experience the sweetness of prayer and sacrifice; they will never be tormented by anxiety or doubt.
23. The dying will depart this world without agony and without the attacks of satan.
24. The dying will experience an immense desire for eternal life. So they will surrender to My Will and depart this life in the arms of My Mother.
25. They will experience the extraordinary protection of My Mother on the day of the Last Judgment.
26. They will receive the grace of sharing and relieving My suffering and that of My Mother.
27. Those who endeavor to be perfect will obtain, as a privilege, the main virtues of My Mother: humility, love and purity.
28. They will be accompanied by peace and certain inner and external joy during all their lives, whether they are sick or healthy.
29. The priests will receive the grace of living in the presence of My Mother without effort.
30. Those who progress with Me in unity will receive the grace of experiencing this unity. They will know what it means; it does not mean that they will live longer, but that I will live within them. That is to say, I will love with their hearts. I will pray with their souls. I will speak with their tongues. I will serve with all their beings.  They will experience that which is good, beautiful, holy, humble, simple, obedient, precious and admirable within them; it is Me. Me, the Almighty, the Infinite, the only Lord, the only Love.
31. The souls of those who make this Novena will be radiant as the white lilies all around the Heart of My Mother in eternity.
32. I, the Divine Lamb of God, united with My Father and the Holy Spirit, will always rejoice at seeing these souls who, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will obtain the glory of eternity.
33. The souls of the priests will always progress in the Faith and virtue.
Source: Little Souls Sisters (Order of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus)
Note: You can buy "The Double Great Novena" booklet at any St. Pauls Store in the Philippines.

Convent: Little Souls Road, Mahogany Avenue, 4120 Tagaytay City, PHILIPPINES
P.O. Box 333, Ayala Alabang Post Office, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES
TELEPHONE: Tagaytay (046) 860-1619, Manila (02) 809-2409 FAX: (02) 809-5546

The Lord promises those who make it will receive such abundant graces as to experience freedom from committing mortal sin again, and those who make it will see this for themselves. He also promises to call many, especially among the young, to religious vocations.
"And as to yourself, tell them that because you are imperfect, weak and infirm, you stand in need of Communion." (Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis)

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