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Some may find it helpful for meditation to remember where Jesus was each hour of the day leading up to His Sacrifice on the Cross.

In Scripture and in the Divine Office, it is clear that the Lord Jesus began His Agony on the Cross at 12:00 PM and Died for us at 3:00 PM.

More details were confirmed to a holy soul consigned to a sickbed for most of her life.

Briefly, if possible, every hour, on the hour, when we are awake, we can remember where Jesus was, and what He suffered for our sake.

See also: for meditations on each Hour of the Lord's Passion.

For the prayer of preparation before each hour, "O my Lord Jesus Christ, prostrate in your divine presence, I implore your most loving heart to allow me to enter into the sorrowful meditation of the twenty-four hours of your passion, in which, for love of us you wanted to suffer so much in your adorable body and in your most holy soul, even to death on the cross. O give me help, grace, love, profound compassion, and understanding of your sufferings as I now meditate this Hour.

For those hours which I cannot meditate, I offer you the will I have to meditate them; and I propose to meditate them with my intention during all the hours in which I must dedicate myself to my duties, or sleep.

Accept, O merciful Lord, my loving intention, and let it be beneficial for me and for all, as if I effectively and in a saintly way accomplished what I desire to do.

I give You thanks, O my Jesus. I thank You for calling me to union with You in prayer. To please You, I take your thoughts, your tongue, and your Heart. I want to pray with them. I want to fuse myself in your Will and in your Love. I extend my arms to embrace You, I rest my head on your Heart— and I begin…."


The Hours: "First Hour [i.e. on Maundy Thursday] - From 5 to 6 PM
Jesus takes leave of His Most Holy Mother
Second Hour - From 6 to 7 PM
Jesus departs from His Most Holy Mother and sets out for the Cenacle
Third Hour - From 7 to 8 PM
The Legal Supper
Fourth Hour - From 8 to 9 PM
The Eucharistic Supper
Fifth Hour - From 9 to 10 PM
First Hour of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani
Sixth Hour - From 10 to 11 PM
Second Hour of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani
Seventh Hour - From 11 PM to Midnight
Third Hour of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani
Eighth Hour - From Midnight to 1 AM
Jesus is arrested
Ninth Hour - From 1 to 2 AM
Thrown from a ledge, Jesus falls into the Cedron stream
Tenth Hour - From 2 to 3 AM
Jesus is presented to Annas
Eleventh Hour - From 3 to 4 AM
Jesus in the house of Caiphas
Twelfth Hour - From 4 to 5 AM
Jesus at the mercy of the soldiers
Thirteenth Hour - From 5 to 6 AM
Jesus in prison
Fourteenth Hour - From 6 to 7 AM
Jesus before Caiphas again, who confirms His condemnation to death and sends Him to Pilate
- 10
Fifteenth Hour - From 7 to 8 AM
Jesus before Pilate. Pilate sends Him to Herod
Sixteenth Hour - From 8 to 9 AM
Jesus is brought back to Pilate and placed after Barabbas. Jesus is scourged
Seventeenth Hour - From 9 to 10AM
Jesus is crowned with thorns. Presented to the people: "Ecce Homo!" Jesus is condemned to death
Eighteenth Hour - From 10 to 11AM
Jesus takes up His Cross and walks toward Calvary, where He is stripped
Nineteenth Hour - From 11 AM to 12 PM:
Jesus is crucified
Twentieth Hour - From 12 to 1 PM
First Hour of Agony on the Cross. The first word of Jesus
Twenty-first Hour - From 1 to 2 PM
Second Hour of Agony on the Cross. Second, third and fourth word of Jesus
Twenty-second Hour - From 2 to 3 PM
Third Hour of Agony on the Cross. Fifth, sixth and seventh word of Jesus. The death of Jesus
Twenty-third Hour - From 3 to 4 PM
Jesus, dead, is pierced by the thrust of a lance. The deposition from the Cross
Twenty-fourth Hour - From 4 to 5 PM
The burial of Jesus. Most Holy Desolate Mary"
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