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Ignatous of Antioch
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  • In the Martyrology we read: "At Rome, the holy bishop and martyr Ignatius. He was the second successor to the apostle Peter in the see of Antioch. In the persecution of Trajan he was condemned to the wild beasts and sent in chains to Rome. There, by the emperor's order, he was subjected to most cruel tortures in the presence of the Senate and then thrown to the lions. Torn to pieces by their teeth, he became a victim for Christ."

    The bishop and martyr Ignatius occupies a foremost place among the heroes of Christian antiquity. His final journey from Antioch to Rome was like a nuptial procession and a Way of the Cross. For the letters he wrote along the way resemble seven stations of the Cross; they may also be called seven nuptial hymns overflowing with the saint's intense love for Christ Jesus and his longing to be united with Him. These letters are seven most precious jewels in the heirloom bequeathed to us by the Church of sub-apostolic times.

    The year of St. Ignatius' death is unknown; perhaps it occurred during the victory festivities in which the Emperor Trajan sacrificed the lives of 10,000 gladiators and 11,000 wild beasts for the amusement of the bloodthirsty populace. The scene of his glorious triumph and martyrdom was most likely the Colosseum; that mammoth structure, glittering with gold and marble, had then been just completed.

    "From Syria to Rome I must do battle with beasts on land and sea. For day and night I am chained to ten leopards, that is, the soldiers who guard me and grow more ferocious the better they are treated. Their mistreatment is good instruction for me, yet am I still far from justified. Oh, that I may meet the wild beasts now kept in readiness for me. I shall implore them to give me death promptly and to hasten my departure. I shall invite them to devour me so that they will not leave my body unharmed as already has happened to other witnesses. If they refuse to pounce upon me, I shall impel them to eat me. My little children, forgive me these words. Surely I know what is good for me. From things visible I no longer desire anything; I want to find Jesus. Fire and cross, wild beasts, broken bones, lacerated members, a body wholly crushed, and Satan's every torment, let them all overwhelm me, if only I reach Christ."

    The saint, now condemned to fight the wild beasts, burned with desire for martyrdom. On hearing the roar of the lions he cried out: "I am a kernel of wheat for Christ. I must be ground by the teeth of beasts to be found bread (of Christ) wholly pure".

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    Ignatous of Antioch
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  • To the Ephesians;

    Heartiest greetings of pure joy in Jesus Christ from Ignatius, the “God-inspired,” to the church at Ephesus in Asia. Out of the fullness of God the Father you have been blessed with large numbers and are predestined from eternity to enjoy forever continual and unfading glory. The source of your unity and election is genuine suffering which you undergo by the will of the Father and of Jesus Christ, our God. Hence you deserve to be considered happy.

    1 I gave a godly welcome to your church which has so endeared itself to us by reason of your upright nature, marked as it is by faith in Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and by love of him. You are imitators of God; and it was God’s blood that stirred you up once more to do the sort of thing you do naturally and have now done to perfection. For you were all zeal to visit me when you heard that I was being shipped as a prisoner from Syria for the sake of our common Name and hope. I hope, indeed, by your prayers to have the good fortune to fight with wild beasts in Rome, so that by doing this I can be a real disciple. In God’s name, therefore, I received your large congregation in the person of Onesimus, your bishop in this world, a man whose love is beyond words. My prayer is that you should love him in the spirit of Jesus Christ and all be like him. Blessed is He who let you have such a bishop. You deserved it.

    2 Now about my fellow slave Burrhus, your godly deacon, who has been richly blessed. I very much want him to stay with me. He will thus bring honor on you and the bishop. Crocus too, who is a credit both to God and to you, and whom I received as a model of your love, altogether raised my spirits (May the Father of Jesus Christ grant him a similar comfort!), as did Onesimus, Burrhus, Euplus, and Fronto. In them I saw and loved you all. May I always be glad about you, that is, if I deserve to be! It is right, then, for you to render all glory to Jesus Christ, seeing he has glorified you. Thus, united in your submission, and subject to the bishop and the presbytery, you will be real saints.

    3 I do not give you orders as if I were somebody important. For even if I am a prisoner for the Name, I have not yet reached Christian perfection. I am only beginning to be a disciple, so I address you as my fellow students. I needed your coaching in faith, encouragement, endurance, and patience. But since love forbids me to keep silent about you, I hasten to urge you to harmonize your actions with God’s mind. For Jesus Christ — that life from which we can’t be torn — is the Father’s mind, as the bishops too, appointed the world over, reflect the mind of Jesus Christ.

    4 Hence you should act in accord with the bishop’s mind, as you surely do. Your presbytery, indeed, which deserves its name and is a credit to God, is as closely tied to the bishop as the strings to a harp. Wherefore your accord and harmonious love is a hymn to Jesus Christ. Yes, one and all, you should form yourselves into a choir, so that, in perfect harmony and taking your pitch from God, you may sing in unison and with one voice to the Father through Jesus Christ. Thus he will heed you, and by your good deeds he will recognize you are members of his Son. Therefore you need to abide in irreproachable unity if you really want to be God’s members forever.

    5 If in so short a time I could get so close to your bishop — I do not mean in a natural way, but in a spiritual — how much more do I congratulate you on having such intimacy with him as the Church enjoys with Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ with the Father. That is how unity and harmony come to prevail everywhere. Make no mistake about it. If anyone is not inside the sanctuary, he lacks God’s bread. And if the prayer of one or two has great avail, how much more that of the bishop and the total Church. He who fails to join in your worship shows his arrogance by the very fact of becoming a schismatic. It is written, moreover, “God resists the proud.” Let us, then, heartily avoid resisting the bishop so that we may be subject to God.

    6 The more anyone sees the bishop modestly silent, the more he should revere him. For everyone the Master of the house sends on his business, we ought to receive as the One who sent him. It is clear, then, that we should regard the bishop as the Lord himself. Indeed, Onesimus spoke very highly of your godly conduct, that you were all living by the truth and harboring no sectarianism. Nay, you heed nobody beyond what he has to say truthfully about Jesus Christ.

    7 Some, indeed, have a wicked and deceitful habit of flaunting the Name about, while acting in a way unworthy of God. You must avoid them like wild beasts. For they are mad dogs which 90bite on the sly. You must be on your guard against them, for it is hard to heal their bite. There is only one physician — of flesh yet spiritual, born yet unbegotten, God incarnate, genuine life in the midst of death, sprung from Mary as well as God, first subject to suffering then beyond it — Jesus Christ our Lord.

    8 Let no one mislead you, as, indeed, you are not misled, being wholly God’s. For when you harbor no dissension that can harass you, then you are indeed living in God’s way. A cheap sacrifice I am, but I dedicate myself to you Ephesians — a church forever famous. Carnal people cannot act spiritually, or spiritual people carnally, just as faith cannot act like unbelief, or unbelief like faith. But even what you do in the flesh you do spiritually. For you do everything under Christ’s control.

    9 I have heard that some strangers came your way with a wicked teaching. But you did not let them sow it among you. You stopped up your ears to prevent admitting what they disseminated. Like stones of God’s Temple, ready for a building of God the Father, you are being hoisted up by Jesus Christ, as with a crane (that’s the cross!), while the rope you use is the Holy Spirit. Your faith is what lifts you up, while love is the way you ascend to God.

    You are all taking part in a religious procession, carrying along with you your God, shrine, Christ, and your holy objects, and decked out from tip to toe in the commandments of Jesus Christ. I too am enjoying it all, because I can talk with you in a letter, and congratulate you on changing your old way of life and setting your love on God alone.

    10 “Keep on praying” for others too, for there is a chance of their being converted and getting to God. Let them, then, learn from you at least by your actions. Return their bad temper with gentleness; their boasts with humility; their abuse with prayer. In the face of their error, be “steadfast in the faith.” Return their violence with mildness and do not be intent on getting your own back. By our patience let us show we are their brothers, intent on imitating the Lord, seeing which of us can be the more wronged, robbed, and despised. Thus no devil’s weed will be found among you; but thoroughly pure and self-controlled, you will remain body and soul united to Jesus Christ.

    11 The last days are here. So let us abase ourselves and stand in awe of God’s patience, lest it turn out to be our condemnation. Either let us fear the wrath to come or let us value the grace we have: one or the other. Only let our lot be genuine life in Jesus Christ. Do not let anything catch your eye besides him, for whom I carry around these chains — my spiritual pearls! Through them I want to rise from the dead by your prayers. May I ever share in these, so that I may be numbered among the Ephesian Christians who, by the might of Jesus Christ, have always been of one mind with the very apostles.

    12 I realize who I am and to whom I am writing. I am a convict; you have been freed. I am in danger; you are safe. You are the route for God’s victims. You have been initiated into the mysteries with Paul, a real saint and martyr, who deserves to be congratulated. When I come to meet God may I follow in his footsteps, who in all his letters mentions your union with Christ Jesus.

    13 Try to gather together more frequently to celebrate God’s Eucharist and to praise him. For when you meet with frequency, Satan’s powers are overthrown and his destructiveness is undone by the unanimity of your faith. There is nothing better than peace, by which all strife in heaven and earth is done away.

    14 You will not overlook any of this if you have a thorough belief in Jesus Christ and love him. That is the beginning and end of life: faith the beginning and love the end. And when the two are united you have God, and everything else that has to do with real goodness is dependent on them. No one who professes faith falls into sin, nor does one who has learned to love, hate. “The tree is known by its fruit.” Similarly, those who profess to be Christ’s will be recognized by their actions. For what matters is not a momentary act of professing, but being persistently motivated by faith.

    15 It is better to keep quiet and be real, than to chatter and be unreal. It is a good thing to teach if, that is, the teacher practices what he preaches. There was one such Teacher, who “spoke and it was done”;and what he did in silence is worthy of the Father. He who has really grasped what Jesus said can appreciate his silence. Thus he will be perfect: his words will mean action, and his very silence will reveal his character.

    The Lord overlooks nothing. Even secrets are open to him. Let us, then, do everything as if he were dwelling in us. Thus we shall be his temples and he will be within us as our God — as he actually is. This will be clear to us just to the extent that we love him rightly.

    16 Make no mistake, my brothers: adulterers will not inherit God’s Kingdom. If, then, those who act carnally suffer death, how much more shall those who by wicked teaching corrupt God’s faith for which Jesus Christ was crucified. Such a vile creature will go to the unquenchable fire along with anyone who listens to him.

    17 The reason the Lord let the ointment be poured on his head was that he might pass on the aroma of incorruption to the Church. Do not be anointed with the foul smell of the teaching of the prince of this world, lest he capture you and rob you of the life ahead of you. Why do we not all come to our senses by accepting God’s knowledge, which is Jesus Christ? Why do we stupidly perish, ignoring the gift which the Lord has really sent?

    18 I am giving my life (not that it’s worth much!) for the cross, which unbelievers find a stumbling block, but which means to us salvation and eternal life. “Where is the wise man? Where is the debater?” Where are the boasts of those supposedly intelligent? For our God, Jesus the Christ, was conceived by Mary, in God’s plan being sprung both from the 93seed of David and from the Holy Spirit. He was born and baptized that by his Passion he might hallow water.

    19 Now, Mary’s virginity and her giving birth escaped the notice of the prince of this world, as did the Lord’s death — those three secrets crying to be told, but wrought in God’s silence. How, then, were they revealed to the ages? A star shone in heaven brighter than all the stars. Its light was indescribable and its novelty caused amazement. The rest of the stars, along with the sun and the moon, formed a ring around it; yet it outshone them all, and there was bewilderment whence this unique novelty had arisen. As a result all magic lost its power and all witchcraft ceased. Ignorance was done away with, and the ancient kingdom was utterly destroyed, for God was revealing himself as a man, to bring newness of eternal life. What God had prepared was now beginning. Hence everything was in confusion as the destruction of death was being taken in hand.

    20 If Jesus Christ allows me, in answer to your prayers, and it is his will, I will explain to you more about plan in a second letter I intend to write. I have only touched on this plan in reference to the New Man Jesus Christ, and how it involves believing in him and loving him, and entails his Passion and resurrection. I will do this especially if the Lord shows me that you are all, every one of you, meeting together under the influence of the grace that we owe to the Name, in one faith and in union with Christ, who was “descended from David according to the flesh” and is Son of man and Son of God. At these meetings you should heed the bishop and presbytery attentively, and break one loaf, which is the medicine of immortality, and the antidote which wards off death but yields continuous life in union with Jesus Christ.

    21 I am giving my life for you and for those whom you, to God’s honor, sent to Smyrna. I am writing to you from there, giving the Lord thanks and embracing Polycarp and you too in my love. Bear me in mind, as Jesus Christ does you. Pray for the church in Syria, whence I am being sent off to Rome as a prisoner. I am the least of the faithful there — yet I have been privileged to serve God’s honor. Farewell in God the Father and in Jesus Christ, our common hope.

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    Ignatous of Antioch
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  • to the Magnesians

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, unto her which
    hath been blessed through the grace of God the Father
    in Christ Jesus our Saviour, in whom I salute the
    church which is in Magnesia on the Maeander, and I
    wish her abundant greeting in God the Father and in
    Jesus Christ.

    1:1 When I learned the exceeding good order of your
    love in the ways of God, I was gladdened and I
    determined to address you in the faith of Jesus
    1:2 For being counted worthy to bear a most godly
    name, in these bonds, which I carry about, I sing the
    praise of the churches; and I pray that there may be
    in them union of the flesh and of the spirit which are
    Jesus Christ's, our never-failing life -- an union of
    faith and of love which is preferred before all
    things, and -- what is more than all -- an union with
    Jesus and with the Father; in whom if we endure
    patiently all the despite of the prince of this world
    and escape therefrom, we shall attain unto God.

    2:1 Forasmuch then as I was permitted to see you in
    the person of Damas your godly bishop and your worthy
    presbyters Bassus and Apollonius and my fellow-servant
    the deacon Zotion, of whom I would fain have joy, for
    that he is subject to the bishop as unto the grace of
    God and to the presbytery as unto the law of Jesus
    Christ: --

    3:1 Yea, and it becometh you also not to presume
    upon the youth of your bishop, but according to the
    power of God the Father to render unto him all
    reverence, even as I have learned that the holy
    presbyters also have not taken advantage of his
    outwardly youthful estate, but give place to him as to
    one prudent in God; yet not to him, but to the Father
    of Jesus Christ, even to the Bishop of all.
    3:2 For the honour therefore of Him that desired
    you, it is meet that ye should be obedient without
    dissimulation. For a man doth not so much deceive this
    bishop who is seen, as cheat that other who is
    invisible; and in such a case he must reckon not with
    flesh but with God who knoweth the hidden things.

    4:1 It is therefore meet that we not only be called
    Christians, but also be such; even as some persons
    have the bishop's name on their lips, but in
    everything act apart from him. Such men appear to me
    not to keep a good conscience, forasmuch as they do
    not assemble themselves together lawfully according to

    5:1 Seeing them that all things have an end, and
    these two -- life and death -- are set before us
    together, and each man shall go _to his own place;_
    5:2 for just as there are two coinages, the one of
    God and the other of the world, and each of them hath
    its proper stamp impressed upon it, the unbelievers
    the stamp of this world, but the faithful in love the
    stamp of God the Father through Jesus Christ, through
    whom unless of our own free choice we accept to die
    unto His passion, His life is not in us: --

    6:1 Seeing then that in the aforementioned persons I
    beheld your whole people in faith and embraced them, I
    advise you, be ye zealous to do all things in godly
    concord, the bishop presiding after the likeness of
    God and the presbyters after the likeness of the
    council of the Apostles, with the deacons also who are
    most dear to me, having been entrusted with the
    diaconate of Jesus Christ, who was with the Father
    before the worlds and appeared at the end of time.
    6:2 Therefore do ye all study conformity to God and
    pay reverence one to another; and let no man regard
    his neighbour after the flesh, but love ye one another
    in Jesus Christ always. Let there be nothing among you
    which shall have power to divide you, but be ye united
    with the bishop and with them that preside over you as
    an ensample and a lesson of incorruptibility.

    7:1 Therefore as the Lord did nothing without the
    Father, [being united with Him], either by Himself or
    by the Apostles, so neither do ye anything without the
    bishop and the presbyters. And attempt not to think
    anything right for yourselves apart from others: but
    let there be one prayer in common, one supplication,
    one mind, one hope, in love and in joy unblameable,
    which is Jesus Christ, than whom there is nothing
    7:2 Hasten to come together all of you, as to one
    temple, even God; as to one altar, even to one Jesus
    Christ, who came forth from One Father and is with One
    and departed unto One.

    8:1 Be not seduced by strange doctrines nor by
    antiquated fables, which are profitless. For if even
    unto this day we live after the manner of Judaism, we
    avow that we have not received grace:
    8:2 for the divine prophets lived after Christ
    Jesus. For this cause also they were persecuted, being
    inspired by His grace to the end that they which are
    disobedient might be fully persuaded that there is one
    God who manifested Himself through Jesus Christ His
    Son, who is His Word that proceeded from silence, who
    in all things was well-pleasing unto Him that sent

    9:1 If then those who had walked in ancient
    practices attained unto newness of hope, no longer
    observing sabbaths but fashioning their lives after
    the Lord's day, on which our life also arose through
    Him and through His death which some men deny -- a
    mystery whereby we attained unto belief, and for this
    cause we endure patiently, that we may be found
    disciples of Jesus Christ our only teacher --
    9:2 if this be so, how shall we be able to live
    apart from Him? seeing that even the prophets, being
    His disciples, were expecting Him as their teacher
    through the Spirit. And for this cause He whom they
    rightly awaited, when He came, raised them from the

    CHAPTER 10
    10:1 Therefore let us not be insensible to His
    goodness. For if He should imitate us according to our
    deeds, we are lost. For this cause, seeing that we are
    become His disciples, let us learn to live as
    beseemeth Christianity. For whoso is called by another
    name besides this, is not of God.
    10:2 Therefore put away the vile leaven which hath
    waxed stale and sour, and betake yourselves to the new
    leaven, which is Jesus Christ. Be ye salted in Him,
    that none among you grow putrid, seeing that by your
    savour ye shall be proved.
    10:3 It is monstrous to talk of Jesus Christ and to
    practise Judaism. For Christianity did not believe in
    Judaism, but Judaism in Christianity, wherein _every
    tongue_ believed and _was gathered together_ unto

    CHAPTER 11
    11:1 Now these things I say, my dearly beloved, not
    because I have learned that any of you are so minded;
    but as being less than any of you, I would have you be
    on your guard betimes, that ye fall not into the
    snares of vain doctrine; but be ye fully persuaded
    concerning the birth and the passion and the
    resurrection, which took place in the time of the
    governorship of Pontius Pilate; for these things were
    truly and certainly done by Jesus Christ our hope;
    from which hope may it not befal any of you to be
    turned aside.

    CHAPTER 12
    12:1 Let me have joy of you in all things, if I be
    worthy. For even though I am in bonds, yet am I not
    comparable to one of you who are at liberty. I know
    that ye are not puffed up; for ye have Jesus Christ in
    yourselves. And, when I praise you, I know that ye
    only feel the more shame; as it is written _The
    righteous man is a self-accuser._

    CHAPTER 13
    13:1 Do your diligence therefore that ye be
    confirmed in the ordinances of the Lord and of the
    Apostles, that ye may _prosper in all things
    whatsoever ye do_ in flesh and spirit, by faith and by
    love, in the Son and Father and in the Spirit, in the
    beginning and in the end, with your revered bishop,
    and with the fitly wreathed spiritual circlet of your
    presbytery, and with the deacons who walk after God.
    13:2 Be obedient to the bishop and to one another,
    as Jesus Christ was to the Father [according to the
    flesh], and as the Apostles were to Christ and to the
    Father, that there may be union both of flesh and of

    CHAPTER 14
    14:1 Knowing that ye are full of God, I have
    exhorted you briefly. Remember me in your prayers,
    that I may attain unto God; and remember also the
    church which is in Syria, whereof I am not worthy to
    be called a member. For I have need of your united
    prayer and love in God, that it may be granted to the
    church which is in Syria to be refreshed by the dew of
    your fervent supplication.

    CHAPTER 15
    15:1 The Ephesians from Smyrna salute you, from
    whence also I write to you. They are here with me for
    the glory of God, as also are ye; and they have
    comforted me in all things, together with Polycarp
    bishop of the Smyrnaeans. Yea, and all the other
    churches salute you in the honour of Jesus Christ.
    Fare ye well in godly concord, and possess ye a
    stedfast spirit, which is Jesus Christ.

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    Ignatous of Antioch
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  • To the Trallians

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, to the holy Church which is at Tralles, in Asia, beloved by God, the Father of Jesus Christ, elect and worthy of God, at peace by the flesh and blood and the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, our hope in the resurrection unto him; which I salute in the fulness, after the Apostolic manner, and pray that it may rejoice greatly.

    1:1 I have known that you have a disposition blameless and unmovable in patience, not merely for outward use, but in your very nature. Even as Polybius, your bishop, hath showed unto me, who came unto me in Smyrna, according to the will of God and of Jesus Christ, and so rejoiced with me in my bonds in Jesus Christ, that I beheld your whole multitude in him.

    1:2 Having received, therefore, through him your benevolence, which is according to God, I seemed to have found you, as I knew already, to be imitators of God.

    2:1 For when ye are subject unto the bishop as unto Jesus Christ, ye appear unto me not to live according to man, but according to Jesus Christ who died for us, that ye, by believing on his death, might escape death.

    2:2 It is necessary, therefore, that ye should do nothing without the bishop, as indeed ye do, and that ye should submit yourselves to the presbytery also, as to the Apostles of Jesus Christ, our hope, in whom we shall be found walking.

    2:3 It is necessary, also, that the deacons, being ministers of the mysteries of Jesus Christ, should in every way please all men. For they are not ministers of meat and drink, but servants of the Church of God; it is therefore their duty to avoid offences as fire.

    3:1 In like manner, let all men reverence the deacons, and the bishop likewise, even as Jesus Christ who is the Son of the Father; and the presbyters as the council of God, and as the bond of the Apostles. Without these there is no Church;

    3:2 concerning which things I am persuaded that it is so with you: for I have received a specimen of your love, and have it with myself in the person of your bishop, whose appearance is great instruction, and whose meekness is strength; whom I reckon that even the ungodly respect, loving him because he spareth not himself.

    3:3 Have I then, though able to write on this subject, come to such a degree of reputation, that though condemned, I should give ordinances unto you as an Apostle?

    4:1 I know many things in God, but I measure myself that I may not be lost by boasting; for now is it necessary for me to fear even more, and not to attend to those who puff me up, for they who say such things to me scourge me.

    4:2 Of a truth, I am content to suffer, yet I know not whether I be worthy. For this my zeal doth not appear to many, but it maketh war upon me with greater force. Therefore I need meekness, by which the ruler of this world is destroyed.

    5:1 Am I not able to write to you concerning heavenly things? but I fear lest I should cause harm to you, because ye are babes; and (forgive me) lest not being able to receive it, ye be choked.

    5:2 And I, too, not being according to my bonds, but being able to know the things celestial, and the stations of the angels, and the conflicts of principalities, both the things visible and invisible, yet even on that account am still a learner; for many things are lacking to us, that we may not fall short of God.

    6:1 I therefore exhort you, yet not I but the love of Jesus Christ, to use the Christian food alone, and to abstain from all strange herbage, which is heresy;

    6:2 the time that now is embraces Jesus Christ, not the devil. Do ye therefore, having again put on patience, refresh yourselves in faith, which is the flesh of the Lord, and love, which is the blood of Jesus Christ.

    7:1 Guard yourselves, therefore, against such as these. And this will happen unto you if ye be not puffed up, and separate not from our God Jesus Christ, and the bishop, and the commandments of the Apostles.

    7:2 He who is within the altar is pure; that is, he who doeth anything apart from the bishop and the presbytery and the deacons, he is not pure in his conscience.

    8:1 It is not because I have known anything of the kind in you, but I put you on your guard beforehand because ye are my beloved, foreseeing the snares of the devil. Do ye therefore, having again put on patience, refresh yourselves in faith, which is the flesh of the Lord, and love, which is the blood of Jesus Christ.

    8:2 Let none of you have aught against his neighbour; give no opportunities to the Gentiles, that the multitude which is in God may not be blasphemed for the folly of a few. For woe unto him, through whose foolishness my name among certain men is blasphemed.

    9:1 Be ye deaf, therefore, when any one speaketh unto you apart from Jesus Christ, who is of the race of David, who was born of Mary, who was truly born, ate and drank, was truly persecuted under Pontius Pilate, was truly crucified and died, in the sight of the things that are in heaven and on earth and under the earth; 9:2 and was truly raised from the dead, his Father having raised him up; according to the similitude of which also his Father shall raise up us who believe in him in Christ Jesus, apart from whom we have not the true life.

    CHAPTER 10
    10:1 But if, as certain men who are without God, that is unbelievers, assert, his passion was an appearance, being themselves an appearance, why am I bound, and why do I pray to fight with wild beasts? therefore I die in vain. Of a truth, do I not lie against the Lord?

    CHAPTER 11
    11:1 Avoid therefore the evil branches that produce deadly fruit, of which if any man taste he dieth forthwith. These, therefore, are not the planting of the Father,

    11:2 for if they were they would appear branches of the cross, and their fruit would have been incorruptible, through which cross in his passion he exhorteth us who are his members. The head, therefore, cannot be born apart without the members, since God promiseth union, which is himself.

    CHAPTER 12
    12:1 I salute you from Smyrna, together with the Churches of God who are present with me, who have in all things refreshed me, both in flesh and in spirit;

    12:2 my bonds exhort you which I bear about for the sake of Jesus Christ, asking that I may attain unto God. Abide in your unity, and in prayer one with another, for it becometh each of you separately, and especially the presbyters, to refresh the bishop unto the honour of the Father, Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

    12:3 I pray you in love to hear me, that I may not be for a testimony against you, by writing among you; and pray ye for me also, who need your love in the mercy of God, that I may be thought worthy of the lot to which I press forward to attain, that I may not be found a castaway.

    CHAPTER 13
    13:1 The love of the Smyrnaeans and Ephesians saluteth you. Remember in your prayers the Church which is in Syria, of which I am not worthy to be called bishop, being the last of them.

    13:2 Farewell in Jesus Christ, being subject to the bishop as to the commandment; and in like manner also to the presbytery. And do ye each of you love one another with undivided heart.

    13:3 Purify ye my spirit, not only now, but when I attain unto God. For I am still in danger; but the Father in Jesus Christ is faithful to fulfil my request and yours, in whom may ye be found blameless.

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  • To the Romans;

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, unto her that
    hath found mercy in the bountifulness of the Father
    Most High and of Jesus Christ His only Son; to the
    church that is beloved and enlightened through the
    will of Him who willed all things that are, by faith
    and love towards Jesus Christ our God; even unto her
    that hath the presidency in the country of the region
    of the Romans, being worthy of God, worthy of honour,
    worthy of felicitation, worthy of praise, worthy of
    success, worthy in purity, and having the presidency
    of love, walking in the law of Christ and bearing the
    Father's name; which church also I salute in the name
    of Jesus Christ the Son of the Father; unto them that
    in flesh and spirit are united unto His every
    commandment, being filled with the grace of God
    without wavering, and filtered clear from every
    foreign stain; abundant greeting in Jesus Christ our
    God in blamelessness.

    1:1 Forasmuch as in answer to my prayer to God it
    hath been granted me to see your godly countenances,
    so that I have obtained even more than I asked; for
    wearing bonds in Christ Jesus I hope to salute you, if
    it be the Divine will that I should be counted worthy
    to reach unto the end;
    1:2 for the beginning verily is well ordered, if so
    be I shall attain unto the goal, that I may receive
    mine inheritance without hinderance. For I dread your
    very love, lest it do me an injury; for it is easy for
    you to do what ye will, but for me it is difficult to
    attain unto God, unless ye shall spare me.

    2:1 For I would not have you to be men-pleasers but
    to please God, as indeed ye do please Him. For neither
    shall I myself ever find an opportunity such as this
    to attain unto God, nor can ye, if ye be silent, win
    the credit of any nobler work. For, if ye be silent
    and leave me alone, I am a word of God; but if ye
    desire my flesh, then shall I be again a mere cry.
    2:2 [Nay] grant me nothing more than that I be
    poured out a libation to God, while there is still an
    altar ready; that forming yourselves into a chorus in
    love ye may sing to the Father in Jesus Christ, for
    that God hath vouchsafed that the bishop from Syria
    should be found in the West, having summoned him from
    the East. It is good to set from the world unto God,
    that I may rise unto Him.

    3:1 Ye never grudged any one; ye were the
    instructors of others. And my desire is that those
    lessons shall hold good which as teachers ye enjoin.
    3:2 Only pray that I may have power within and
    without, so that I may not only say it but also desire
    it; that I may not only be called a Christian, but
    also be found one. For if I shall be found so, then
    can I also be called one, and be faithful then, when I
    am no more visible to the world.
    3:3 Nothing visible is good. For our God Jesus
    Christ, being in the Father, is the more plainly
    visible. The Work is not of persuasiveness, but
    Christianity is a thing of might, whensoever it is
    hated by the world.

    4:1 I write to all the churches, and I bid all men
    know, that of my own free will I die for God, unless
    ye should hinder me. I exhort you, be ye not an
    unseasonable kindness to me. Let me be given to the
    wild beasts, for through them I can attain unto God. I
    am God's wheat, and I am ground by the teeth of wild
    beasts that I may be found pure bread [of Christ].
    4:2 Rather entice the wild beasts, that they may
    become my sepulchre and may leave no part of my body
    behind, so that I may not, when I am fallen asleep, be
    burdensome to any one. Then shall I be truly a
    disciple of Jesus Christ, when the world shall not so
    much as see my body. Supplicate the Lord for me, that
    through these instruments I may be found a sacrifice
    to God.
    4:3 I do not enjoin you, as Peter and Paul did. They
    were Apostles, I am a convict; they were free, but I
    am a slave to this very hour. Yet if I shall suffer,
    then am I a freed-man of Jesus Christ, and I shall
    rise free in Him. Now I am learning in my bonds to put
    away every desire.

    5:1 From Syria even unto Rome I fight with wild
    beasts, by land and sea, by night and by day, being
    bound amidst ten leopards, even a company of soldiers,
    who only wax worse when they are kindly treated.
    Howbeit through their wrong doings I become more
    completely a disciple; _yet am I not hereby
    5:2 May I have joy of the beasts that have been
    prepared for me; and I pray that I may find them
    prompt; nay I will entice them that they may devour me
    promptly, not as they have done to some, refusing to
    touch them through fear. Yea though of themselves they
    should not be willing while I am ready, I myself will
    force them to it.
    5:3 Bear with me. I know what is expedient for me.
    Now am I beginning to be a disciple. May nought of
    things visible and things invisible envy me; that I
    may attain unto Jesus Christ. Come fire and cross and
    grapplings with wild beasts, [cuttings and manglings,]
    wrenching of bones, hacking of limbs, crushings of my
    whole body, come cruel tortures of the devil to assail
    me. Only be it mine to attain unto Jesus Christ.

    6:1 The farthest bounds of the universe shall profit
    me nothing, neither the kingdoms of this world. It is
    good for me to die for Jesus Christ rather than to
    reign over the farthest bounds of the earth. Him I
    seek, who died on our behalf; Him I desire, who rose
    again [for our sake]. The pangs of a new birth are
    upon me.
    6:2 Bear with me, brethren. Do not hinder me from
    living; do not desire my death. Bestow not on the
    world one who desireth to be God's, neither allure him
    with material things. Suffer me to receive the pure
    light. When I am come thither, then shall I be a man.
    6:3 Permit me to be an imitator of the passion of my
    God. If any man hath Him within himself, let him
    understand what I desire, and let him have fellow-
    feeling with me, for he knoweth the things which
    straiten me.

    7:1 The prince of this world would fain tear me in
    pieces and corrupt my mind to Godward. Let not any of
    you therefore who are near abet him. Rather stand ye
    on my side, that is on God's side. Speak not of Jesus
    Christ and withal desire the world.
    7:2 Let not envy have a home in you. Even though I
    myself, when I am with you, should beseech you, obey
    me not; but rather give credence to these things which
    I write to you. [For] I write to you in the midst of
    life, yet lusting after death. My lust hath been
    crucified, and there is no fire of material longing in
    me, but only water living +and speaking+ in me, saying
    within me, Come to the Father.
    7:3 I have no delight in the food of corruption or
    in the delights of this life. I desire the bread of
    God, which is the flesh of Christ who was of the seed
    of David; and for a draught I desire His blood, which
    is love incorruptible.

    8:1 I desire no longer to live after the manner of
    men; and this shall be, if ye desire it. Desire ye,
    that ye yourselves also may be desired.
    8:2 In a brief letter I beseech you; believe me. And
    Jesus Christ shall make manifest unto you these
    things, that I speak the truth -- Jesus Christ, the
    unerring mouth in whom the Father hath spoken [truly].
    8:3 Entreat ye for me, that I may attain [through
    the Holy Spirit]. I write not unto you after the
    flesh, but after the mind of God. If I shall suffer,
    it was your desire; if I shall be rejected, it was
    your hatred.

    9:1 Remember in your prayers the church which is in
    Syria, which hath God for its shepherd in my stead.
    Jesus Christ alone shall be its bishop -- He and your
    9:2 But for myself I am ashamed to be called one of
    them; for neither am I worthy, being the very last of
    them and an untimely birth: but I have found mercy
    that I should be some one, if so be I shall attain
    unto God.
    9:3 My spirit saluteth you, and the love of the
    churches which received me in the name of Jesus
    Christ, not as a mere wayfarer: for even those
    churches which did not lie on my route after the flesh
    went before me from city to city.

    CHAPTER 10
    10:1 Now I write these things to you from Smyrna by
    the hand of the Ephesians who are worthy of all
    felicitation. And Crocus also, a name very dear to me,
    is with me, with many others besides.
    10:2 As touching those who went before me from Syria
    to Rome unto the glory of God, I believe that ye have
    received instructions; whom also apprise that I am
    near; for they all are worthy of God and of you, and
    it becometh you to refresh them in all things.
    10:3 These things I write to you on the 9th before
    the Kalends of September. Fare ye well unto the end in
    the patient waiting for Jesus Christ.

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  • To Polycarp

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, unto Polycarp
    who is bishop of the church of the Smyrnaeans or
    rather who hath for his bishop God the Father and
    Jesus Christ, abundant greeting.

    1:1 Welcoming thy godly mind which is grounded as it
    were on an immovable rock, I give exceeding glory that
    it hath been vouchsafed me to see thy blameless face,
    whereof I would fain have joy in God.
    1:2 I exhort thee in the grace wherewith thou art
    clothed to press forward in thy course and to exhort
    all men that they may be saved. Vindicate thine office
    in all diligence of flesh and of spirit. Have a care
    for union, than which there is nothing better. Bear
    all men, as the Lord also beareth thee. Suffer all men
    in love, as also thou doest.
    1:3 Give thyself to unceasing prayers. Ask for
    larger wisdom than thou hast. Be watchful, and keep
    thy spirit from slumbering. Speak to each man
    severally after the manner of God. Bear the maladies
    of all, as a perfect athlete. Where there is more
    toil, there is much gain.

    2:1 If thou lovest good scholars, this is not
    thankworthy in thee. Rather bring the more pestilent
    to submission by gentleness. All wounds are not healed
    by the same salve. Allay sharp pains by fomentations.
    2:2 _Be thou prudent as the serpent_ in all things
    _and guileless_ always _as the dove._ Therefore art
    thou made of flesh and spirit, that thou mayest humour
    the things which appear before thine eyes; and as for
    the invisible things, pray thou that they may be
    revealed unto thee; that thou mayest be lacking in
    nothing, but mayest abound in every spiritual gift.
    2:3 The season requireth thee, as pilots require
    winds or as a storm-tossed mariner a haven, that it
    may attain unto God. Be sober, as God's athlete. The
    prize is incorruption and life eternal, concerning
    which thou also art persuaded. In all things I am
    devoted to thee -- I and my bonds which thou didst

    3:1 Let not those that seem to be plausible and yet
    teach strange doctrine dismay thee. Stand thou firm,
    as an anvil when it is smitten. It is the part of a
    great athlete to receive blows and be victorious. But
    especially must we for God's sake endure all things,
    that He also may endure us.
    3:2 Be thou more diligent than thou art. Mark the
    seasons. Await Him that is above every season, the
    Eternal, the Invisible, who became visible for our
    sake, the Impalpable, the Impassible, who suffered for
    our sake, who endured in all ways for our sake.

    4:1 Let not widows be neglected. After the Lord be
    thou their protector. Let nothing be done without thy
    consent; neither do thou anything without the consent
    of God, as indeed thou doest not. Be stedfast.
    4:2 Let meetings be held more frequently. Seek out
    all men by name.
    4:3 Despise not slaves, whether men or women. Yet
    let not these again be puffed up, but let them serve
    the more faithfully to the glory of God, that they may
    obtain a better freedom from God. Let them not desire
    to be set free at the public cost, lest they be found
    slaves of lust.

    5:1 Flee evil arts, or rather hold thou discourse
    about these. Tell my sisters to love the Lord and to
    be content with their husbands in flesh and in spirit.
    In like manner also charge my brothers in the name of
    Jesus Christ to love their wives, _as the Lord loved
    the Church._
    5:2 If any one is able to abide in chastity to the
    honour of the flesh of the Lord, let him so abide
    without boasting. If he boast, he is lost; and if it be
    known beyond the bishop, he is polluted. It becometh
    men and women too, when they marry, to unite themselves
    with the consent of the bishop, that the marriage may
    be after the Lord and not after concupiscence. Let all
    things be done to the honour of God.

    6:1 Give ye heed to the bishop, that God also may
    give heed to you. I am devoted to those who are
    subject to the bishop, the presbyters, the deacons.
    May it be granted me to have my portion with them in
    the presence of God. Toil together one with another,
    struggle together, run together, suffer together, lie
    down together, rise up together, as God's stewards and
    assessors and ministers.
    6:2 Please the Captain in whose army ye serve, from
    whom also ye will receive your pay. Let none of you be
    found a deserter. Let your baptism abide with you as
    you shield; your faith as your helmet; your love as
    your spear; your patience as your body armour. Let
    your works be your deposits, that ye may receive your
    assets due to you. Be ye therefore long-suffering one
    with another in gentleness, as God is with you. May I
    have joy of you always.

    7:1 Seeing that the church which is in Antioch of
    Syria hath peace, as it hath been reported to me,
    through your prayers, I myself also have been the more
    comforted since God hath banished my care; if so be I
    may through suffering attain unto God, that I may be
    found a disciple through your intercession.
    7:2 It becometh thee, most blessed Polycarp, to call
    together a godly council and to elect some one among
    you who is very dear to you and zealous also, who
    shall be fit to bear the name of God's courier -- to
    appoint him, I say, that he may go to Syria and
    glorify your zealous love unto the glory of God.
    7:3 A Christian hath no authority over himself, but
    giveth his time to God. This is God's work, and yours
    also, when ye shall complete it: for I trust in the
    Divine grace, that ye are ready for an act of well-
    doing which is meet for God. Knowing the fervour of
    your sincerity, I have exhorted you in a short letter.

    8:1 Since I have not been able to write to all the
    churches, by reason of my sailing suddenly from Troas
    to Neapolis, as the Divine will enjoineth, thou shalt
    write to the churches in front, as one possessing the
    mind of God, to the intent that they also may do this
    same thing -- let those who are able send messengers,
    and the rest letters by the persons who are sent by
    thee, that ye may be glorified by an ever memorable
    deed -- for this is worthy of thee.
    8:2 I salute all by name, and especially the wife of
    Epitropus with her whole household and her children's.
    I salute Attalus my beloved. I salute him that shall
    be appointed to go to Syria. Grace shall be with him
    always, and with Polycarp who sendeth him.
    8:3 I bid you farewell always in our God Jesus
    Christ, in whom abide ye in the unity and supervision
    of God. I salute Alce, a name very dear to me. Fare ye
    well in the Lord.

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  • To the Smyrnaeans;

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, to the church
    of God the Father and of Jesus Christ the Beloved,
    which hath been mercifully endowed with every grace,
    being filled with faith and love and lacking in no
    grace, most reverend and bearing holy treasures; to
    the church which is in Smyrna of Asia, in a blameless
    spirit and in the word of God abundant greeting.

    1:1 I give glory to Jesus Christ the God who
    bestowed such wisdom upon you; for I have perceived
    that ye are established in faith immovable, being as
    it were nailed on the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    in flesh and in spirit, and firmly grounded in love in
    the blood of Christ, fully persuaded as touching our
    Lord that He is truly of the race of David according
    to the flesh, but Son of God by the Divine will and
    power, truly born of a virgin and baptized by John
    that _all righteousness might be fulfilled_ by Him,
    1:2 truly nailed up in the flesh for our sakes under
    Pontius Pilate and Herod the tetrarch (of which fruit
    are we -- that is, of His most blessed passion); that
    _He might set up an ensign_ unto all the ages through
    His resurrection, for His saints and faithful people,
    whether among Jews or among Gentiles, in one body of
    His Church.

    2:1 For He suffered all these things for our sakes
    [that we might be saved]; and He suffered truly, as
    also He raised Himself truly; not as certain
    unbelievers say, that He suffered in semblance, being
    themselves mere semblance. And according as their
    opinions are, so shall it happen to them, for they are
    without body and demon-like.

    3:1 For I know and believe that He was in the flesh
    even after the resurrection;
    3:2 and when He came to Peter and his company, He
    said to them, _Lay hold and handle me, and see that I
    am not a demon without body._ And straightway they
    touched Him, and they believed, being joined unto His
    flesh and His blood. Wherefore also they despised
    death, nay they were found superior to death.
    3:3 And after His resurrection He [both] ate with
    them and drank with them as one in the flesh, though
    spiritually He was united with the Father.

    4:1 But these things I warn you, dearly beloved,
    knowing that ye yourselves are so minded. Howbeit I
    watch over you betimes to protect you from wild beasts
    in human form -- men whom not only should ye not
    receive, but, if it were possible, not so much as meet
    [them]; only pray ye for them, if haply they may
    repent. This indeed is difficult, but Jesus Christ,
    our true life, hath power over it.
    4:2 For if these things were done by our Lord in
    semblance, then am I also a prisoner in semblance. And
    why then have I delivered myself over to death, unto
    fire, unto sword, unto wild beasts? But near to the
    sword, near to God; in company with wild beasts, in
    company with God. Only let it be in the name of Jesus
    Christ, so that we may suffer together with Him. I
    endure all things, seeing that He Himself enableth me,
    who is perfect Man.

    5:1 But certain persons ignorantly deny Him, or
    rather have been denied by Him, being advocates of
    death rather than of the truth; and they have not been
    persuaded by the prophecies nor by the law of Moses,
    nay nor even to this very hour by the Gospel, nor by
    the sufferings of each of us severally;
    5:2 for they are of the same mind also concerning
    us. For what profit is it [to me], if a man praiseth
    me, but blasphemeth my Lord, not confessing that He
    was a bearer of flesh? Yet he that affirmeth not this,
    doth thereby deny Him altogether, being himself a
    bearer of a corpse.
    5:3 But their names, being unbelievers, I have not
    thought fit to record in writing; nay, far be it from
    me even to remember them, until they repent and return
    to the passion, which is our resurrection.

    6:1 Let no man be deceived. Even the heavenly beings
    and the glory of the angels and the rulers visible and
    invisible, if they believe not in the blood of Christ
    [who is God], judgment awaiteth them also. _He that
    receiveth let him receive._ Let not office puff up any
    man; for faith and love are all in all, and nothing is
    preferred before them.
    6:2 But mark ye those who hold strange doctrine
    touching the grace of Jesus Christ which came to us,
    how that they are contrary to the mind of God. They
    have no care for love, none for the widow, none for
    the orphan, none for the afflicted, none for the
    prisoner, none for the hungry or thirsty. They abstain
    from eucharist (thanksgiving) and prayer, because they
    allow not that the eucharist is the flesh of our
    Saviour Jesus Christ, which flesh suffered for our
    sins, and which the Father of His goodness raised up.

    7:1 They therefore that gainsay the good gift of God
    perish by their questionings. But it were expedient
    for them to have love, that they may also rise again.
    7:2 It is therefore meet that ye should abstain from
    such, and not speak of them either privately or in
    public; but should give heed to the Prophets, and
    especially to the Gospel, wherein the passion is shown
    unto us and the resurrection is accomplished.

    8:1 [But] shun divisions, as the beginning of evils.
    Do ye all follow your bishop, as Jesus Christ followed
    the Father, and the presbytery as the Apostles; and to
    the deacons pay respect, as to God's commandment. Let
    no man do aught of things pertaining to the Church
    apart from the bishop. Let that be held a valid
    eucharist which is under the bishop or one to whom he
    shall have committed it.
    8:2 Wheresoever the bishop shall appear, there let
    the people be; even as where Jesus may be, there is
    the universal Church. It is not lawful apart from the
    bishop either to baptize or to hold a love-feast; but
    whatsoever he shall approve, this is well-pleasing also
    to God; that everything which ye do may be sure and

    9:1 It is reasonable henceforth that we wake to
    soberness, while we have [still] time to repent and
    turn to God. It is good to recognise God and the
    bishop. He that honoureth the bishop is houroured of
    God; he that doeth aught without the knowledge of the
    bishop rendereth service to the devil.
    9:2 May all things therefore abound unto you in
    grace, for ye are worthy. Ye refreshed me in all
    things, and Jesus Christ shall refresh you. In my
    absence and in my presence ye cherished me. May God
    recompense you; for whose sake if ye endure all
    things, ye shall attain unto Him.

    CHAPTER 10
    10:1 Philo and Rhaius Agathopus, who followed me in
    the cause of God, ye did well to receive as ministers
    of [Christ] God; who also give thanks to the Lord for
    you, because ye refreshed them in every way. Nothing
    shall be lost to you.
    10:2 My spirit is devoted for you, as also are my
    bonds, which ye despised not, neither were ashamed of
    them. Nor shall He, who is perfect faithfulness, be
    ashamed of you, even Jesus Christ.

    CHAPTER 11
    11:1 Your prayer sped forth unto the church which is
    in Antioch of Syria; whence coming a prisoner in most
    godly bonds I salute all men, though I am not worthy
    to belong to it, being the very last of them. By the
    Divine will was this vouchsafed to me, not of my own
    complicity, but by God's grace, which I pray may be
    given to me perfectly, that through your prayers I may
    attain unto God.
    11:2 Therefore that your work may be perfected both
    on earth and in heaven, it is meet that your church
    should appoint, for the honour of God, an ambassador
    of God that he may go as far as Syria and congratulate
    them because they are at peace, and have recovered
    their proper stature, and their proper bulk hath been
    restored to them.
    11:3 It seemed to me therefore a fitting thing that
    ye should send one of your own people with a letter,
    that he might join with them in giving glory for the
    calm which by God's will had overtaken them, and
    because they were already reaching a haven through
    your prayers. Seeing ye are perfect, let your counsels
    also be perfect; for if ye desire to do well, God is
    ready to grant the means.

    CHAPTER 12
    12:1 The love of the brethren which are in Troas
    saluteth you; from whence also I write to you by the
    hand of Burrhus, whom ye sent with me jointly with the
    Ephesians your brethren. He hath refreshed me in all
    ways. And I would that all imitated him, for he is an
    ensample of the ministry of God. The Divine grace
    shall requite him in all things.
    12:2 I salute your godly bishop and your venerable
    presbytery [and] my fellow-servants the deacons, and
    all of you severally and in a body, in the name of
    Jesus Christ, and in His flesh and blood, in His
    passion and resurrection, which was both carnal and
    spiritual, in the unity of God and of yourselves.
    Grace to you, mercy, peace, patience, always.

    CHAPTER 13
    13:1 I salute the households of my brethren with
    their wives and children, and the virgins who are
    called widows. I bid you farewell in the power of the
    Father. Philo, who is with me, saluteth you.
    13:2 I salute the household of Gavia, and I pray
    that she may be grounded in faith and love both of
    flesh and of spirit. I salute Alce, a name very dear
    to me, and Daphnus the incomparable, and Eutecnus, and
    all by name. Fare ye well in the grace of God.

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  • To the Philadelphians

    Ignatius, who is also Theophorus, to the church
    of God the Father and of Jesus Christ, which is in
    Philadelphia of Asia, which hath found mercy and is
    firmly established in the concord of God and rejoiceth
    in the passion of our Lord and in His resurrection
    without wavering, being fully assured in all mercy;
    which church I salute in the blood of Jesus Christ,
    that is eternal and abiding joy; more especially if
    they be at one with the bishop and the presbyters who
    are with him, and with the deacons that have been
    appointed according to the mind of Jesus Christ, whom
    after His own will He confirmed and established by His
    Holy Spirit.

    1:1 This your bishop I have found to hold the
    ministry which pertaineth to the common weal, not of
    himself or through men, nor yet for vain glory, but in
    the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
    And I am amazed at his forbearance; whose silence is
    more powerful than others' speech.
    1:2 For he is attuned in harmony with the
    commandments, as a lyre with its strings. Wherefore my
    soul blesseth his godly mind, for I have found that it
    is virtuous and perfect -- even the imperturbable and
    calm temper which he hath, while living in all godly

    2:1 As children therefore [of the light] of the
    truth, shun division and wrong doctrines; and where
    the shepherd is, there follow ye as sheep.
    2:2 For many specious wolves with baneful delights
    lead captive the runners in God's race; but, where ye
    are at one, they will find no place.

    3:1 Abstain from noxious herbs, which are not the
    husbandry of Jesus Christ, because they are not the
    planting of the Father. Not that I have found division
    among you, but filtering.
    3:2 For as many as are of God and of Jesus Christ,
    they are with the bishop; and as many as shall repent
    and enter into the unity of the Church, these also
    shall be of God, that they may be living after Jesus
    3:3 Be not deceived, my brethren. If any man
    followeth one that maketh a schism, _he doth not
    inherit the kingdom of God._ If any man walketh in
    strange doctrine, he hath no fellowship with the

    4:1 Be ye careful therefore to observe one eucharist
    (for there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ and
    one cup unto union in His blood; there is one altar,
    as there is one bishop, together with the presbtery
    and the deacons my fellow-servants), that whatsoever
    ye do, ye may do it after God.

    5:1 My brethren, my heart overfloweth altogether in
    love towards you; and rejoicing above measure I watch
    over your safety; yet not I, but Jesus Christ, wearing
    whose bonds I am the more afraid, because I am not yet
    perfected. But your prayer will make me perfect [unto
    God], that I may attain unto the inheritance wherein I
    have found mercy, taking refuge in the Gospel as the
    flesh of Jesus and in the Apostles as the presbytery
    of the Church.
    5:2 Yea, and we love the prophets also, because they
    too pointed to the Gospel in their preaching and set
    their hope on Him and awaited Him; in whom also having
    faith they were saved in the unity of Jesus Christ,
    being worthy of all love and admiration as holy men,
    approved of Jesus Christ and numbered together in the
    Gospel of our common hope.

    6:1 But if any one propound Judaism unto you, here
    him not: for it is better to hear Christianity from a
    man who is circumcised than Judaism from one
    uncircumcised. But if either the one or the other
    speak not concerning Jesus Christ, I look on them as
    tombstones and graves of the dead, whereon are
    inscribed only the names of men.
    6:2 Shun ye therefore the wicked arts and plottings
    of the prince of this world, lest haply ye be crushed
    by his devices, and wax weak in your love. But
    assemble yourselves all together with undivided heart.
    6:3 And I give thanks to my God, that I have a good
    conscience in my dealings with you, and no man can
    boast either in secret or openly, that I was
    burdensome to any one in small things or in great. Yea
    and for all among whom I spoke, it is my prayer that
    they may not turn it into a testimony against

    7:1 For even though certain persons desired to
    deceive me after the flesh, yet the spirit is not
    deceived, being from God; for _it knoweth whence it
    cometh and where it goeth,_ and it searcheth out the
    hidden things. I cried out, when I was among you; I
    spake with a loud voice, with God's own voice, Give ye
    heed to the bishop and the presbytery and deacons.
    7:2 Howbeit there were those who suspected me of
    saying this, because I knew beforehand of the division
    of certain persons. But He in whom I am bound is my
    witness that I learned it not from flesh of man; it
    was the preaching of the Spirit who spake on this
    wise; Do nothing without the bishop; keep your flesh
    as a temple of God; cherish union; shun divisions; be
    imitators of Jesus Christ, as He Himself also was of
    His Father.

    8:1 I therefore did my own part, as a man composed
    unto union. But where there is division and anger,
    there God abideth not. Now the Lord forgiveth all men
    when they repent, if repenting they return to the
    unity of God and to the council of the bishop. I have
    faith in the grace of Jesus Christ, who shall strike
    off every fetter from you;
    8:2 and I entreat you, Do ye nothing in a spirit of
    factiousness but after the teaching of Christ. For I
    heard certain persons saying, If I find it not in the
    charters, I believe it not in the Gospel. And when I
    said to them, It is written, they answered me That is
    the question. But as for me, my charter is Jesus
    Christ, the inviolable charter is His cross and His
    death and His resurrection, and faith through Him;
    wherein I desire to be justified through your prayers.

    9:1 The priests likewise were good, but better is
    the High-priest to whom is committed the holy of
    holies; for to Him alone are committed the hidden
    things of God; He Himself being the door of the
    Father, through which Abraham and Isaac and Jacob
    enter in, and the Prophets and the Apostles and the
    whole Church; all these things combine in the unity of
    9:2 But the Gospel hath a singular preeminence in
    the advent of the Saviour, even our Lord Jesus Christ,
    and His passion and resurrection. For the beloved
    Prophets in their preaching pointed to Him; but the
    Gospel is the completion of immortality. All things
    together are good, if ye believe through love.

    CHAPTER 10
    10:1 Seeing that in answer to your prayer and to the
    tender sympathy which ye have in Christ Jesus, it hath
    been reported to me that the church which is in
    Antioch of Syria hath peace, it is becoming for you,
    as a church of God, to appoint a deacon to go thither
    as God's ambassador, that he may congratulate them
    when they are assembled together, and may glorify the
    10:2 Blessed in Jesus Christ is he that shall be
    counted worthy of such a ministration; and ye
    yourselves shall be glorified. Now if ye desire it, it
    is not impossible for you to do this for the name of
    God; even as the churches which are nearest have sent
    bishops, and others presbyters and deacons.

    CHAPTER 11
    11:1 But as touching Philo the deacon from Cilicia,
    a man of good report, who now also ministereth to me
    in the word of God, together with Rhaius Agathopus, an
    elect one who followeth me from Syria, having bidden
    farewell to this present life; the same who also bear
    witness to you -- and I myself thank God on your
    behalf, because ye received them, as I trust the Lord
    will receive you. But may those who treated them with
    dishonour be redeemed through the grace of Jesus
    11:2 The love of the brethren which are in Troas
    saluteth you; from whence also I write to you by the
    hand of Burrhus, who was sent with me by the Ephesians
    and Smyrnaeans as a mark of honour. The Lord shall
    honour them, even Jesus Christ, on whom their hope is
    set in flesh and soul and spirit, by faith, by love,
    by concord. Fare ye well in Christ Jesus our common hope.


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