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Title: St. John of Capistrano - Terror of Muslims
Post by: Incredulous on May 15, 2022, 01:56:39 PM

Capistrano, an Anti-Ecuмenical Saint

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Dear TIA,

Why don't we hear about St. John of Capistrano? Here's why.

I found this painting today after reading the beautiful Saint of the Day ( today by Dr. Plinio. A Saint who, at the age of 70, fearlessly entered into battle with the Crusaders against the Muslim Turks, encouraging the Crusaders and defending the "walls of the House of God".

Because of him, Belgrade and all of Christendom were saved from Muslim invasion. What an appropriate Saint for our times, in which we see our Church and society attacked from all sides! We must invoke him especially to give us courage in the fight against the Revolution, and during the Chastisement especially.

I was wondering why we don't hear more about St. John of Capistrano, especially since we have San Juan de Capistrano as one of our California Missions. Well, I was looking for paintings of this great Saint to see if there was some face I could pay my reverence to, and I found one painting in the Museo del Prado by Alonso del Arco, which I think gives the answer to my question.

Note the banner of Our Lord that he is holding: the bottom of the banner has a spear, which is poking the eye of a Muslim Turk, who is being stepped on by St. John of Capistrano.

I hope you enjoy, it really filled me with hope and enthusiasm. Certainly this painting would ruin Progressivists' hope for ecuмenism, especially the new Archbishop of Algiers (, he would probably shudder at the sight of it.

     In Jesu et Maria,

Title: Re: St. John of Capistrano - Terror of Muslims
Post by: epiphany on May 15, 2022, 03:03:03 PM
Excellent.  Thank you.
Title: Re: St. John of Capistrano - Terror of Muslims
Post by: augustineeens on May 15, 2022, 06:47:28 PM
He was listed in a Jєωιѕн encyclopedia as one of the “top 15 αnтι-ѕємιтєs” of history along with St. Vincent Ferrer. Was nicknamed “scourge of the Jєωs”.
Title: Re: St. John of Capistrano - Terror of Muslims
Post by: augustineeens on May 16, 2022, 02:29:16 AM
"California’s mission church of San Juan Capistrano — dear to American folklore as a romantic haven to which the swallows annually and melodiously come back — is dedicated to a fifteenth century Franciscan friar known during his life and since as “the scourge of the Jєωs.”

How Saint John Capistran came by his admiring title is a record of fiery sermons, assiduous labors, and incidental remarks — for instance, his unfollowed but unforgotten suggestion to the city of Rome that it round up all its Jєωs, herd them aboard ships, and deport them overseas.

When a Sacred Host was desecrated in the Polish city of Breslau, Saint John Capistran persuaded the King of Poland to revoke the pro-Jєωιѕн ordinances he had allowed and to order all Jєωs in Breslau imprisoned until the culprits be identified. Ultimately, 58 Jєωs were found guilty of the Host desecration and executed; whereupon the local rabbi hanged himself.

The Universal Jєωιѕн Encyclopedia (a work concocted at the expense of the U. S. Government, as a project of the WPA) pays a tribute to Saint John Capistran’s efforts by including him in its select list of the greatest αnтι-ѕємιтєs of all time."