Author Topic: St. Catherine of Siena's vow of virginity  (Read 160 times)

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St. Catherine of Siena's vow of virginity
« on: May 04, 2019, 12:54:29 PM »
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  • After she, at age 6, was given an infused knowledge of the Desert Fathers, which inspired her with the desire to be a hermit, and of St. Dominic and the Dominicans; at the age of 7, she prayed thus (Legenda maior I cap. 3):
    O most blessed and holy Virgin, who were the first amongst all women to consecrate your Virginity for ever to the Lord, who then graciously made you the Mother of His only Son, I pray to you that out of your ineffable goodness, ignoring my deserts and all my insufficiencies, you will deign to grant me this great grace—to give me as Husband Him whom I desire with all the power of my soul, your most holy Son, our one Lord Jesus Christ; and I promise Him and you that I will never choose myself any other husband, and will always do all I can to keep my virginity unspotted.
    Acta Sanctorum p. 917:
    beatissima ac sacratissima Virgo, quæ prima inter mulieres Domino virginitatem perpetuo devovens consecrasti, a quo gratiose facta es mater unigeniti Filii ejus; tuam ineffabilem pietatem exoro, ut meis meritis non attentis, nec exiguitate mea considerata, digneris mihi tantam gratiam facere, quod in sponsum mihi des illum, quem totis animæ meæ visceribus concupisco, super sacratissimum filium tuum, unicum Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum : et ego promitto ei et tibi, quod numquam alium sponsum admittam, virginitatemque meam juxta meum modulum servaro ei perpetuo illibatam.
    happy octave of St. Catherine (April 30 - May 7)

    Also: Bl. Raymond of Capua, Legenda maior, III.1.334.937C-D:
    Summus autem Pontifex [Gregorius XI] ea visa gavisus est, voluitque coram Cardinalibus, qui tunc aderant, quod verbum faceret exhortationis, potissime propter schisma, quod tunc incipiebat. The Supreme Pontiff [Gregory XI] was clearly delighted to see her again and asked her to say a few words of encouragement to the Cardinals, especially with regard to the Schism, which had then just begun.
    Quod et perfecte fecit, animando unumquemque eorum ad fortem constantiam verbis et sententiis plurimis, ac ostendendo divinam providentiam semper adesse cuilibet, sed potissime cum sancta Ecclesia patitur: et concludendo, quod propter inchoatum schisma in nullo trepidare deberent, sed agere quæ Dei sunt, et nullum timere.[She] urged them with many arguments, which she expressed most felicitously, to be strong in constancy. She showed that divine providence is always with us, above all when the Church has to suffer, and ended by telling them not to be afraid of the schism that had just begun and to do the things of God and to fear no one.
    [dixit Pontifex:] hæc muliercula nos confundit. Mulierculam autem voco, non in contemptum ejus sed in expressionem sexus feminei, naturaliter fragilis, et ad nostram instructionem.[The Pope said:] A mere woman puts us to shame. I call her a ‘mere woman’, not out of disrespect, but with reference to her sex, which in itself is weak, and also for our own instruction.
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