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Prayer to the suffering Christ
« on: October 09, 2013, 11:22:50 PM »
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  • Prayer to the suffering Christ

    I fall in adoration at your feet, Lord! I thank you, God of goodness;
    God of holiness, I invoke you,
    on my knees, in your sight. . .
    For me, an unworthy sinner,
    you have willed to undergo the death of the cross, setting me free from the bonds of evil.
    What shall I offer you in return for your generosity?
    Glory to you, friend of men!
    Glory to you, most merciful!
    Glory to you, most patient!
    Glory to you who forgive sin!
    Glory to you who have come to save us!
    Glory to you who have been made man in the womb of a Virgin!
    Glory to you who have been bound!
    Glory to you who have been scourged!
    Glory to you who have been derided!
    Glory to you who have been nailed to the cross!
    Glory to you, laid in the sepulchre, but risen again!
    Glory to you who have preached the Gospel to men and have been believed!
    Glory to you who have ascended to heaven!
    Glory to you, seated at the right hand of the Father
    and who will return with him, in majesty, among the angels, to judge those who have disregarded your passion!
    The powers of heaven will be shaken;
    all the angels and archangels, the cherubim and seraphim will appear in fear and trembling before your glory;
    the foundations of the earth will quake
    and all that has life will cry out before your majesty.

    In that hour let your hand draw me beneath your wings, and save me from the terrible fire, from the gnashing of teeth, from the outer darkness and from despair without end. That I may sing to your glory:
    glory to him who through his merciful goodness
    has designed to redeem the sinner.

    Ephrem Syrus

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    Prayer to the suffering Christ
    « Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 11:24:30 PM »
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  • Prayer at the stake

    He was not nailed but bound. And bound thus, with his hands behind his back, he seemed like a lamb chosen from the flock for the sacrifice, prepared as a holocaust pleasing to God; and raising his eyes to heaven he said:

    Lord, God almighty, Father of Jesus Christ, your blessed and beloved Son who has taught us to know you.

    God of the angels, of the whole of creation, of the whole race of the just who live in your presence: I bless you because you have judged me worthy of this day and of this hour; worthy to be added to the number of the martyrs; worthy to drink the chalice of your Christ, so as to rise up to eternal life in body and soul in the immortality of the Holy Spirit.

    May I today be numbered among the martyrs in your presence as a precious and acceptable victim; bring to completion that which your will has prepared and revealed to me; God, faithful and true, for this grace and for all the others, I praise you, I glorify you, and bless you through our eternal heavenly priest, your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

    Through him, with him, and with the Holy Spirit, may you be glorified now and through all ages.

    Polycarp of Smyrna

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    Prayer to the suffering Christ
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  • Hymn for the night

    O Christ, Word of God,
    light of light, without beginning,
    help of the Spirit, we praise you. Threefold light of one undivided glory, we praise you.
    You have banished the darkness and created the light and in this you have created all things seventy generations before your incarnation ex nihilo on one day at the very beginning
    To matter you have given life
    Giving it the imprint of the face of the world
    and the traits of its beauty on the rest of the first 6 days

    You have illumined man’s spirit
    with reason and wisdom when on the last of the first six days you formed Adam from the moist earth and breathed into him and he became a living soul cast him into a deep sleep and formed Eve from his side the first man and woman with none other before them anywhere else and none other with them at the beginning anywhere else from whom are all men descended here on earth wherein all salvation is worked out from the first adam to the last saint saved by no other than you Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour by your Most Holy Cross
    Your eternal light is reflected everywhere,
    so that, in the light, man might discover
    true beauty, and all become luminous.
    You have lit up the heavens with variegated lights.
    The night and the day you have commanded to take turns in a rule of fraternal friendship;
    the first brings to an end the fatigue of the body,
    the other spurs us on to work as commanded;
    and we flee from the darkness
    to hasten towards that day
    which no sadness of the night
    can ever bring to an end.
    Give to my eyelids a light slumber
    that my voice may not long remain silent.
    While created things watch to sing psalms with the angels, may my sleep be ever restful in your presence;
    may the night make me oblivious of the day’s sins,
    and its oddities not beset my dreams.

    Even if my body is inert
    my spirit, O God, gives you praise! Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
    to you be honour and glory and power through all ages. Amen.

    Gregory Nazianzen

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    Prayer to the suffering Christ
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  • Plea for protection, addressed to Our Lord Jesus Christ

    With the seal of the cross,
    impressed with your blood,
    with which we have been baptized
    to make us ready for adoption,
    you have modelled us into the image of your glory:
    By all these divine gifts:
    satan be put to confusion, his plots overturned,
    his snares evaded, the enemy vanquished,
    his sharp weapons repelled,
    light shine through the gloom,
    darkness be dispelled,
    mists fade away.
    Would that your arms might receive us
    into your protection,
    your right hand press its seal upon us.
    You are indeed full of love and clemency
    and your name is invoked over your faithful.
    To you, together with the Father
    through the Holy Spirit,
    be glory and majesty through all ages. Amen.

    Gregory of Narek

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    Prayer to the suffering Christ
    « Reply #4 on: October 10, 2013, 03:15:52 AM »
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  • Watch O Lord with those who wake or watch or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who wake or sleep.
    tend your sick ones,
    rest your weary ones;
    bless your dying ones;
    soothe your suffering ones;
    pity your afflicted ones;
    shield your joyous ones;
    and all for your love’s sake.

    St. Augustine of Hippo

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    Prayer to the suffering Christ
    « Reply #5 on: October 10, 2013, 10:49:23 PM »
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  • Easter Hymn

    It is the Pasch; the Pasch of the Lord. . .

    O you, who are truly all in all! . . .

    The joy, the honour, the food and the delight of every creature; .

    through you the shadows of death have fled away,

    and life is given to all,

    the gates of heaven are flung open.

    God becomes man

    and man is raised up to the likeness of God.

    O divine Pasch! . . .

    O Pasch, light of new splendour . . .

    The lamps of our souls will no more burn out. The flame of grace,

    divine and spiritual,

    burns in the body and soul,

    nourished by the resurrection of Christ.

    We beg you, O Christ, Lord God,

    eternal king of the spiritual world, stretch out your protecting hands

    over your holy Church

    and over your holy people;

    defend them, keep them, preserve them. . .

    Raise up your standard over us

    and grant that we may sing with Moses

    the song of victory, .

    for yours is the glory and the power for all eternity! Amen. .

    Hippolytus of Rome


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