Author Topic: Is it a sin to watch a video of a schismatic liturgy just to see what it's like?  (Read 539 times)

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I visited a Malankara Church once and it thankfully didn't have keyboards. What I can't find on Youtube is a video of a Malankara Liturgy offered in Syriac. I can easily find Syro Malabar but not pre-1962 rubrics except audio.

Yeah, to each his own I guess. I'm not Syrian, not even 0.01%, or from the Middle East at all, so Syriac means absolutely nothing to me. Talk about foreign! I don't know a single word of Syriac. Latin is an understood, daily spoken language by comparison! (I actually did take Latin at the Seminary, but I digress).

My ancestors in Ireland, Germany were Roman Rite, and assisted at the Tridentine Mass, and so that's where I belong.

I should also add that I literally received the Tridentine Mass from my parents, in an unbroken line of Tradition. It's not like I Googled and picked the best pre-Vatican II or Catholic Mass that suited me, was close to me, etc.

For some people, that's all the Tridentine Mass is for them -- maybe their remote ancestors attended Roman Rite, and maybe Roman Rite is what's closest to them -- but in the end, the Tridentine Mass was just the search result they clicked on, or their CHOSEN OPTION for keeping the Faith. I don't intend to offend anyone here, I'm just stating facts: Some people come to Tradition on their own, like a dead branch having to be grafted onto the living tree. Others received the grace from God to be formed on that tree. That's all I'm saying.

I would basically have to cut myself off the Roman Rite/Tridentine Mass tree, and then graft myself onto some Eastern Rite tree. The 10 million dollar question: WHY?
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Sure, I don’t understand Aramaic or Old Slavonic or Ukrainian either, but isn’t that the error of V2 also, to suggest that it’s important if not essential for the laity to understand the language of the Liturgy?  I find that in the traditionally implemented Eastern Liturgies, vs. the “keyboard” types, one still comes away with a sense of awe for the Transcendent God.  Byzantine Liturgies are very mystical while the Maronite and Melkite have a slightly different feel ... that of being penitential ... in my sensibilities ... while the Roman Rite is more strongly sacrificial.  Although all three have aspects of each.

So if I can use a single word to describe them.

Traditional Roman:  sacrificial
Byzantine:  mystical
Maronite/Melkite:  penitential
Typical Novus Ordo:  vulgar / sappy

All of these are amazing ... in different ways ... and are clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, while the NOM is clearly the work of man and the devil.

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An example would be watching a video of Old Catholics, Persian heretics, or Oriental Orthodox. The latter two would be for seeing what the East Syriac/West Syriac liturgical tradition is like. The other would be to check validity of lineages. The current video is this one guy I found who holds these absurd views such as praying Luminous Mysteries is a mortal sin, Sacramentum Ordinis was forged, a mass is idolatrous if there is something other than a cross on the frontface of the altar, praying in front of a camera means you give Divine Honor to it, etc. I saw him wearing a white zucchetto so I was planning on seeing what he says in the Canon of the Mass to see if he thinks he is Pope.
No it is not a sin, but you would do well to always remember that for us all, I mean that for each and every one of us, we are all susceptible to heresy, and that some of us, i.e. the young, those less versed in the faith etc., are more susceptible than others, this will remain the way it is till we leave this world. 

Being that you are a CI member and after having read many of your posts, I can say that at this time you seem to me to know the fundamental truths of the faith and what to look for - and where to look as you continue seeking. This means you know where NOT to look, namely, a "schismatic liturgy", particularly for the purpose of  "just to see what it's like".

Is it not enough to know that being schismatic means that you are completely avoid it? Who cares what it's like? Worry that your curiosity about it could do what it's designed to do, namely, suck you in.

The Highest Principle in the Church: "We are first of all under obedience to God, and only then under obedience to man." - Fr. Hesse

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An absolutely amazing answer, you would not believe the numbers of people who show up for a liturgy and instantly decide to 'change rites'. It's akin to the giant influx of NO people who now come to the SSPX dragging their former practices with them. This waters down the traditions. Stay in your Rite. Unless you are willing to actually live not just the liturgy but also the life and traditions of your new church exclusively for at least a minimum of a year as laid out in the canons.
You want to be a Greek/Byzantine fine get rid of your rosary and get cracking on an akathist to the mother of God
You want to be a Copt, get out that Agpya cause it's the only prayer book you will ever get. Also you will need to be doing your prostrations otherwise you will have problems doing 100 on good Friday.
You want a traditional Syriac life well make sure that all the hours are said daily and get ready to see this Sunday schedule ( if you don't also do the evening befores office and also confess you're not supposed to go to communion) 8:30 morning prayer 9:45 Quorbono followed by lunch at 12 because liturgy ends at 11:45.
It irks me that people run from their own tradition to half embrace another. They usually end up back at their old Rite or even worse end up becoming EO.
The grass is no better over there, you can not run from your problems, all that you will do is ruin your spiritual life damage your family relationships and further damage relationships with the eastern catholics. Inevitably that guy who left his eastern refuge will then spread his misunderstandings about the church he never embraced
You have ancestors for a reason. Honor them. Do not go east unless you are
1 just visiting to learn
2 have no other option
Never go thinking you will go there to be safe.
In the very rare case that God wants you to stay there, it won't be for any other reason then you find yourself living a complete spiritual life of that churches members
قامت مريم، ترتيل وفاء جحا و سلام جحا


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