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Author Topic: Crying during Mass  (Read 984 times)

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Crying during Mass
« on: November 05, 2006, 03:10:25 PM »
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  • Someone asked about "the gift of tears", Crying during Mass, etc. and I wrote this response:

    There is a "gift of tears", yes, but often times it is merely a consolation, as opposed to desolation.

    Most weeks, you go to Mass (even the TLM) and "feel" absolutely nothing. That is normal. Our religion is not about feelings. In fact, you merit more by assisting Mass (or saying prayers) DESPITE "dryness" or lack of emotion, than you do when overwhelmed by emotion.

    When God deigns to give them, consolations can help us to a closer union with Him. They are helps, but not necessary. In fact, the saints advise that when experiencing consolation you should try to profit by it, because it will not last for long.

    On a side note, I notice that depending on how much sleep I got, I become more/less prone to crying during Mass. When I get only 6 hours of sleep, for instance, it's much harder to control my emotions. If I'm well-rested (8 hours of sleep) it's almost impossible for me to cry for any reason.

    But ultimately it's God's will if we experience dryness (desolation) or consolation. Our lives are a constant switching between the two. Periods of desolation help us prove to God that we love God for His own sake, not for His consolations.

    In Christ,


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