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Author Topic: An Example of Humility to All  (Read 116 times)

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An Example of Humility to All
« on: August 14, 2019, 02:56:35 PM »
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  • Is this is wisdom from my favorite monastery or is it straw? I think it is wisdom. "Our Lady of the Cenacle" (at Silverstream Priory). My grandmother on my father's side was married in a Church of that name on the Van Wyck Expressway. I go to a meeting at a group that was founded in the same Church. The SSPX mission I go to is nicknamed "the Upper Room" after the place of the Last Supper because it is on the second floor (even though the official name is St. Christopher's Mission [perhaps because it is for travellers]). I am sure there are other connections to be made . . . but this is my favorite Catholic website that I know about (except perhaps for Cathinfo). When I was a new convert I would peruse their website, "Vultus Christi", for hours with my eyes filled with tears. It was almost as if I were gazing into the face of Christ himself. Or it feels as if one were St John laying one's head on the breast of Our Lord during the Last Supper. Is that too much? But it truly makes one feel loved by Our Lord. But I do think it is a good website. I don't know how I ever found it.

    CHAPTER LX. Of Priests who may wish to dwell in the Monastery
    14 Apr. 14 Aug. 14 Dec.

    If any one in priestly orders ask to be received into the Monastery, let not consent be too quickly granted him; but if he persist in his request, let him know that he will have to observe all the discipline of the Rule, and that nothing will be relaxed in his favour, according as it is written “Friend, wherefore art thou come?” Let him, nevertheless, be allowed to stand next the Abbot, to give the blessing, and to say Mass, if the Abbot bid him do so. Otherwise, let him presume to do nothing, knowing that he is subject to the discipline of the Rule; but rather let him give an example of humility to all. And if there be a question of any appointment, or other business in the Monastery, let him expect the position due to him according to the time of his entrance, and not that which was yielded to him out of reverence for the priesthood. If any clerics should desire in the same way to be admitted into the Monastery, let them be placed in a middle rank: but in their case also, only on condition that they promise observance of the Rule, and stability therein.

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