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  1. No end times guidence
  2. Pre Vatican II ordination videos?
  3. Novus ordo funeral
  4. Our Lady of Siluva
  5. White cassocks in non European countries?
  6. Where can I get a nice Sacred Heart badge?
  7. Orate Fratres and Scripture Readings in Latin?
  8. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Maria
  9. The day of the Lord
  10. Writings from saints on how to overcome sins of omission?
  11. Please pray for my brother Steve (cancer)
  12. Happy Birthday Blessed Virgin Mary
  13. Prayer request
  14. Fraternite Notre Dame
  15. Prayers for those in the Path of Ida
  16. Do heretics worship the same God?
  17. Novus Ordo Eucharist In Emergency?
  18. Black Mass Valid Not Licit?
  19. Public schooling an excommunicable offense?
  20. September 7th eve of the virgin Marys nativity
  21. gregorian chant
  22. Did the Uniates venerate this man before Vatican II?
  23. Proverbs 9
  24. Praise of King St. Louis IX
  25. Two ER Visits Recently, Prayers Requested
  26. Applying for a New Job.
  27. Online Adoration
  28. The Glories of Mary- St Alphonsus Ligouri
  29. Pope Pius XII
  30. Liturgies near Kalamazoo?
  31. Image of Our Young Lord
  32. Prayers for Protection From Plagues & Contagious Diseases
  33. The Holy Grail: Lohengrin Prelude
  34. Request: Translate A Prayer?
  35. Daily Confession
  36. When does a stolen object cease to belong to someone?
  37. St. John of the Cross: Rejoicing in Moral Goods
  38. Translate From Latin To English?
  39. Vigil of The Assumption of The BVM
  40. Pray for Fr. Chazal
  41. Rare Audio Recording of Pope Pius XI
  42. Song of The Sibyl
  43. Prayers requested, father dying
  44. Happy St. Philomena Feast Day
  45. Sermon by an Argentinian priest
  46. The Blessed Virgin Mary in The Old Testament
  47. Happy St. John Marie Vianney Feast Day
  48. Releasing doves at funerals --- SMH
  49. Latin question
  50. The mark of the beast