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  1. Passion Sunday II
  2. Pope St. Gregory The Great
  3. Organ accompaniment for Vidi Aquam?
  4. The Forty Martyrs
  5. Please pray for my neighbor who died.
  6. The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery
  7. Passion Sunday
  8. Fourth Sunday of Lent Laetare Sunday
  9. Third Sorrowful Mystery
  10. Lent
  11. Saturday After the Third Sunday of Lent
  12. Joan of Arc ring returned to France
  13. Fourth Sunday of Lent
  14. Friday After the Third Sunday of Lent
  15. Thursday after the Third Sunday in Lent
  16. Jubilee of St Martin
  17. Wednesday After the Third Sunday
  18. The Scourging at the Pillar
  19. Tuesday in the Day after the third Sunday of lent
  20. Fr. Hubert Van Meer RIP 1947
  21. Monday After the Third Sunday of Lent
  22. Blessed Gabriel of The Mother of Sorrows
  23. Third Sunday of Lent II
  24. The Chair of St Peter
  25. The Labors of the Apostles , their teaching of Nations
  26. Third Sunday of Lent
  27. The Agony in the Garden
  28. Justice Scalia RIP
  29. Revised Standard Version
  30. Choosing of the Apostoles
  31. St. Damian , Bishop, Confessor, Doctor
  32. Monday after the second Sunday of Lent
  34. Prayer to Release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory
  35. Sunday of the Second week in Lent
  36. Please pray for my sister
  37. Saturday after First Sunday
  38. The Friday after the First week of Lent
  39. Thursday After the First Sunday of Lent
  40. Prayers for our granddaughter
  41. Please pray for my mother
  42. Wednesday after first Week of Lent
  44. Please pray for my father and sister
  45. Tuesday After the First week of Lent
  46. St. Faustinus Jovita , Martyrs
  47. The Mystery of Lent
  48. The Law of Fasting and Abstinence
  49. Dialogue Mass
  50. First Sunday of Lent