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  1. Mater Dolorosa
  2. Please pray for my Grandma
  3. Pray for a marriage
  4. Prayer Request
  5. Please pray for us! We are on the verge of foreclosure
  6. On priestly dignity
  7. Real simple question here
  8. Is the new rite of ordination valid?
  9. deep into sins
  10. Something odd Happened This Past Saturday (10210) Before
  11. TLM,Faith on rise in Hungary?
  12. Feast of St.Michael the Archangel
  13. Another prayer request
  14. Saint Philip II
  15. Why the Traditional Latin Mass?
  16. Please pray for me
  17. 10 Year Old Catholic Girl Sings "Pie Jesu" on National TV
  18. My favourite photograph of Saint Therese
  19. Prayers appreciated.
  20. A church that is half empty is half full
  21. Miracle at Blanot
  22. Feast of St. Louis, King of France!!
  23. Prayers Against Lust
  24. Please pray
  25. Scripture Question
  26. Assumption of Mary into heaven
  27. cant reach a conclusion
  28. effects of mortal sins
  29. moth in a brothers eye
  30. Jesus lost in the Temple
  31. friend of sinners and publicans
  32. Divine Office
  33. Maybe I was wrong....
  34. Hope and Charity
  35. College Confusion
  36. For my brother
  37. Faith
  38. make him like St. Germain?
  39. I might have cancer
  40. For Soul of Great-Grandmother
  41. No Server at Low TLM?????
  42. Be sober and watch
  43. For my Father
  44. For my husband
  45. why fear of hell can't work?
  47. Sorrowful good
  48. St. Jude
  49. Church Goods
  50. First time attending independent parish this weekend...