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  1. The Assumption of BVM
  2. Jesus Christ open his Eyes
  3. Bombing of Nagasake, Japan on 891945
  4. Please pray to Saint Gemma Galgani for me.
  5. St. Clare
  6. Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  7. St. Philomena
  8. Pater Noster
  9. St Lawrence Martyr and Deacon
  10. The Hell There Is
  11. Mother not doing well
  12. The Fourteen Holy Helpers
  13. On Keeping of the Ten Commandmants
  14. The Feast of Transfiguration of Our Lord
  15. Sacrament of Matrimony
  16. St. Dominic
  17. The Twelth Sunday After Pentecost
  18. St. Stephen
  19. Whats your favorite ejaculation?
  20. Is there a Douay-Rheims Bible prior to 1730 in print?
  21. Prayer and sin.
  22. Saints of the Society of Jesus
  23. The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
  24. Flame of Love Chaplet
  25. St. Anne
  26. St James , The Greater
  27. Mary Magdalen
  28. Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
  29. Saint Dominic The Receptor of the Rosary to be the Extirpator of Heresies
  30. Novena to Saint Anne for a Boy
  31. St Vincent De Paul
  32. Prayer request - for a friend
  33. Question about the cappa magna
  34. St. Christopher
  35. Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  36. Cardinal Sarah asks priests to start celebrating Mass facing east
  37. St. Johns Apocalypse
  38. St. Alexius , Confessor
  39. Question on St. Jeromes writing
  40. Need prayers and help
  41. Eigth Sunday after Pentecost
  42. Purgatory - Gods Justice and Mercy
  43. Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
  44. Great Catholic Monarch Prophecies
  45. The Anonymous Paraphrase
  46. Spiritual Communion
  47. "It is desirable thatwomen be separated from men in church."
  48. Fr. Peter Carota Has Passed
  49. St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal
  50. Seventh Sunday after Pentecost