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  1. Prayers for my girlfriend
  2. St Justin
  3. O Glory of Virgins
  4. Sermon on the Mount
  5. Blessed Margaret Pole
  6. St Bernard
  7. St Augustine of Canterbury
  8. "Behold I am with you all days"
  9. Only Begotten Son
  10. A Question for Sacristans or Altar Boys
  11. Saint Scholastica
  12. Venerable Bede
  13. St Urban
  14. Madeleine Sophie Barat
  15. Benedictines make 2nd album
  16. What is the ideal thickness for a Host?
  17. Pentecost
  18. Questions about a mystic
  19. St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
  20. Sermon on the Mount Part Five
  21. Prayers
  22. Sermon on the Mount
  23. St Robert Bellarmine, Happy Feast Day!
  24. Scripture and Aquinas
  25. Sermon for the Feast of the Ascension
  26. The Ascension
  27. Sermon on the Mount
  28. The Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel
  29. Saint Hilary
  30. Beauty of Catholic Tradition
  31. Saint Stanislaus--Bishop and Martyr
  32. Patrick Henry Omlor RIP
  33. Rosary Meditations for the SSPX Crisis
  34. Born of the Spirit
  35. Saint John before the Latin Gate
  36. St Pius V, Happy Feast Day!
  37. Pray for a priest who died.
  38. Another question about the Little Office of the BVM
  39. The Finding of the Holy Cross
  40. Saint Athanasius--A Saint for Our Times
  41. Saint Catherine of Siena
  42. Happy Feast Day of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort!
  43. Car trouble
  44. Melissa Kunkel RIP
  45. 4th Sunday after Easter
  46. Reparation for sins
  47. St. Bernards Sermon for Spy Wednesday
  48. Feast of Saint Mark
  49. Third Sunday after Easter
  50. Prayers for my grandfather and family