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  1. Saint Agnes
  2. Is Akita a true private revelation?
  3. Easter vigil blessing of candles
  4. On Pontiffs and head uncovered
  5. Doctrine of Hell
  6. Kyrie for Septuagesima
  7. Arma Christi Indulgence
  8. Second Sunday after Epiphany
  9. Please Pray for My Aunt
  10. Christ or chaos
  11. Our Lady of Prompt Succor
  12. Prayers for Repose of my Uncle
  13. Feast Day of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
  14. Holy Water and the Eastern schismatics
  15. First Sunday after Epiphany
  16. Sanctus?
  17. Christophoria
  18. The Epiphany of Our Lord
  19. The Circumcision of Our Lord
  20. The Most Holy Name of Jesus
  21. Happy Feast day and Blessed New Year 2013
  22. Blessing of the Christmas Tree
  23. The Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  24. Marie-Julie Jahenny, Catholic Mystic
  25. Sunday within the Octave of Christmas
  26. Merry Christmastide!
  27. Merry Christmastide!
  28. Merry Christmastide!
  29. Christmas Eve
  30. Fourth Sunday of Advent
  31. Advent Breviary Meditations
  32. Third Sunday of Advent
  33. Ember Saturday in Advent
  34. Happy Feast Day of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini!
  35. Ember Wednesday in Advent
  36. Ember Friday in Advent
  37. Happy Feast Day of the Apostle St. Thomas!
  38. Happy Feast Day of the Patronage of St. Vincent de Paul!
  39. Dave Brubeck, RIP
  40. Clare
  41. Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
  42. The Season of Advent
  43. Devotion to the Infant Christ during this Holy Season
  44. Happy Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
  45. Second Sunday of Advent
  46. Immersion in Catholic Culture
  47. work related
  48. The Sanctus
  49. prayer
  50. Veni Veni Emmanuel