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  1. St Fulbert
  2. Time for baptism
  3. Cyndi Caine of has died
  4. Fourth Sorrowful Mystery
  5. The Blood of the Lamb has forever replaced the blood of goats
  6. St Isidore of Seville
  7. Two new priests
  8. What is meant by unnecessary occasion of sin?
  9. Question about prayer requests
  10. whenever you use the thumbs up or down button
  11. Third Sorrowful Mystery
  12. Please pray Novena to St Anthony with me
  13. Laetare Sunday
  14. St Rupert
  15. Prayer: August Queen of Heaven
  16. For the soul of Tim (from FE)
  17. St Venturino of Bergamo
  18. St Mechtilde - Prayer for the Holy Souls
  19. The Second Sorrowful Mystery
  20. Saint Gabriel - March 24
  21. The Annunciation
  22. St Margaret Clitherow
  23. St Catherine of Sweden
  24. Prayer request
  25. Rosary of the Holy Wounds
  26. Its Noon where we are Join us for the Angelus
  27. Stand with Him or be cast out
  28. Infants Baptised by Non-Catholics
  30. Bl Maria Candida of the Eucharist
  31. Are Monsignors Bishops? Without Jurisdiction?
  32. The Agony in the Garden
  33. On the Holy Eucharist
  34. Prayer for Salvation and Deliverance
  35. Holy Spirit, a Person.
  36. Our Lady of Mercy
  37. St Cyril of Jerusalem
  38. Our Lady of Confidence
  39. Maronite Liturgy
  40. Mass of the Five Wounds
  41. St Patrick
  42. Miraculous Infant
  43. St Longinus
  44. St Matilda
  45. St Louise de Maurillac
  46. Seek sanctity and the approval of God in all you do
  47. Unity in the Church this is what it means
  48. Please pray for my blind friend.
  49. Traditional Feast of the Angelic Doctor
  50. No one is immune from the devils temptations