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  1. My parish is doing the Forty Hours Devotion this weekend
  2. The Royalty of Christ the King
  3. 20th anniversary of a seminarian's death
  4. Communion on the tongue safer than communion in the hand: Polish doctors
  5. Intact Virgin Mary Painting Found In Rubble After Mission San Gabriel Fire
  6. What is the correct rendition of the Veni Creator?
  7. St. Ignatius of Antioch
  8. Please pray my personal intention.
  9. Pray for my situation at school
  10. The Holy House of Loreto
  11. GENESIS In the Beginning
  12. St. Edward the Confessor Tuesday, October 13, 2020
  13. Our Lady of Victory, Pray for us!
  14. Thuc Datessen Line
  15. Confiteor with "pater" instead of "fratres"
  16. Consolation of the Soul by Saint Catherine of Sweden
  17. Prayers for the dying, recently deceased
  18. Fr Richard
  19. True Letter of our Saviour Jesus Christ
  20. Why does the Holy Ghost come down upon schismatic services?
  21. The sacraments used without their solemn ceremonies
  22. A Monastic Profession in France
  23. Did any of the eastern rites change their ordination rites?
  24. My Birthday
  25. Videos of episcopal consecrations
  26. Council of Vienne
  27. +Lefebrve and withholding jurisdiction
  28. Coast to Coast Rosary on October 11
  29. Does this count as active participation?
  30. What does this prayer from the Divine Liturgy mean?
  31. My Dad Is Having Surgery
  32. The Book of Enoch
  33. The Seven Joys
  34. Happy feast of King St. Louis IX!
  35. Prayer request
  36. Flags by the Altar
  37. Compassionate Our Lord in His Last 24 Hours
  38. Good traditional prayer books?
  39. The Sorrows of Mary!
  40. Please pray for a good friend
  41. St. Alphonsus Liguori on the Sorrows of Mary
  42. Isaiah 30
  43. Do the angels know past particular judgements?
  44. Are novus ordo baptisms valid?
  45. Know better Jesus Eucharist
  46. Do the co-consecrators in the byzantine rite say the form?
  47. Prayers and chants of the Carmelites of Compiegne as they went to the guillotine
  48. Bishop Mark Rossetti RIP
  49. Was Pope St. Nicholas the Great ordained a priest before he was consecrated?
  50. Were there any changes to the eastern rites of ordination?