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  1. Kings and queens who were saints
  2. Devotion to the Holy Face
  3. St Gertrude
  4. Promises of Our Lord to St Gertrude the Great
  5. Devotion to the Holy Shoulder Wound Of Christ
  6. Whether it belongs to man to act for an end?
  7. Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
  8. St Albert the Great
  9. pray for me today
  10. St Josaphat
  11. prayer for Gods grace
  12. The Miracle Man
  13. St Francis Xavier Cabrini
  14. St Stanislaus Kostka
  15. Saint Didacus (Diego)
  16. Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel
  17. Feast of All Saints of the Order of Preachers
  18. St Andrew Avellino
  19. St Leo the Great
  20. Cheryl Kraus
  21. Prayers for my Mother
  22. The Prophets Prove the Profits of Grace
  23. Holy Four Crowned Martyrs (Severus, Severian, Carpophorus Victorinus
  24. Bl. John Duns Scotus
  25. St Engelbert
  26. Saint Willibord
  27. Bl. Anthony Baldinucci
  28. Whether some part of the food is changed into true human nature?
  29. St Martin de Porres
  30. Prayer request
  31. All Souls Day
  32. Towards Canonization
  33. Feast of All Saints
  34. Separating the wheat from the cockle in Gods time
  35. St Alphonsus Rodriguez
  36. Catholic Pakistani Family Fears for Their Lives
  37. Ss. Simon and Jude, Apostles
  38. SSPX priest on Christ the King (2003)
  39. Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
  40. St Frumentius
  41. Are guitars considered profane instruments?
  42. what prayers do you say:
  43. St Alfred the Great
  44. Saint Evaristus
  45. October: Month of the Most Holy Rosary
  46. Thy faith hath made thee whole
  47. St. Raphael the Archangel
  48. St Anthony Claret
  49. St John of Capistrano
  50. CathInfo Prayer Pact