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  1. prayer request
  2. St Martina
  3. Queen Maria Christina of Savoy
  4. St Angela Merici
  5. question on Mass
  6. Our Lady of Clonfert
  7. Third Sunday after Epiphany
  8. St. FRANCIS DE SALES, Jan 24
  9. St Vincent of Saragosa
  10. St Patrick
  11. St. Francis Xavier
  12. Favorite Quotations from the Saints?
  13. Favorite verses from The Holy Bible
  14. Popes who were saints
  15. Second Sunday after Epiphany
  16. Singing at Traditional Latin Mass?
  17. Sermon on the Mount
  18. Our Lady of Prompt Succor
  19. St Claude de la Colombiere
  20. Anglican Orders
  21. St. Bernadette's incorrupt body
  22. Pray for the soul of Susan Scott
  25. St William of Bourges
  26. Its a Miracle!
  27. New Baby
  28. Forget Branding!
  29. Are you praying for the new rosary crusade?
  30. Feast of Epiphany January 6th, 2014
  31. Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus
  32. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  33. A wood carving of a St. Benedicts Medal?
  34. Getting Married Today
  35. Saint Philomena, Wonder Worker, Patroness of the children of Mary
  36. Saint Titus, Disciple of Saint Paul
  37. Prayers for the end of the year
  38. Daily prayers to St. Michael??
  39. St Sylvester
  40. Council of Trent - Wreckovations?
  41. The Roman Catholic Church dogmas
  42. prayers for my mother
  43. Please pray for my Mother....
  44. Sunday Within the Octave
  45. Christmas
  46. Council of Trent- Wreckovations and liberalism?
  47. Christmas Eve
  48. prayer for health
  49. Th Holy Innocents
  50. Merry Christmas, everyone!