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  1. Christmas Eve
  2. prayer for health
  3. Th Holy Innocents
  4. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  5. Online LiveWebcast Latin Mass?
  6. Help with CDs of Catholic ChantsHymns Project?
  7. What does it take to make a Saint?
  8. Pater Noster, qui es in coeli, sanctificetur nomen tuum...
  9. pre empt the devil
  10. Fourth Sunday of Advent
  11. Sung Version of the Angelus - Great to teach to children
  12. St Peter Canisius
  13. Venerable Miriam Teresa Demjanovich
  14. Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed on the palms or wrists?
  15. "Make straight His paths"
  16. St. Louis Montfort
  17. Our Lady Of Guadalupe
  18. prayer for a good confession
  19. Quotations about Heaven
  20. Please pray for two people
  21. Father Thomas Yasuda Teiji (RIP)
  22. An Immovable Foe of Religious Liberty
  23. The Voice of the Precursor
  24. Sancta Lucia
  25. St. Nicholas Would Approve
  26. The server at Low Mass
  27. Solemnity of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION
  28. St Ambrose Dec 7
  29. Old way to pray the Rosary
  30. Second Sunday of Advent
  31. St Nicholas of Myra
  32. Beautiful Explanation of the Traditional Roman Catholic Mass
  33. blood test tomorrow for heart disease
  34. Private Revelations
  35. Saint Francis Xavier
  36. Saint Barbara
  37. Prayer for prudence for me
  38. Immaculate Conception -- Feast Day December 8th
  39. EMER prayer for my husband please
  40. Pray for me and my family
  41. On Hell
  42. St Andrew
  43. St Saturninus
  44. St Catherine Laboure
  45. First Sunday of Advent
  46. Saint Katherine of Alexandria
  47. St Vergil of Salzburg
  48. St James Intercisus
  49. A Litany For Crusaders
  50. St. Leonard of Port Maurice