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  1. Novena for Pentecost
  2. My prayer answered
  3. St. Eugene de Mazenod
  4. St Augustine of Canturbury
  5. Sunday after the AscensionSomething from the Summa
  6. Ascension Thursday
  7. De Defectibus Communion in the Hand
  8. My mother is very sick now
  9. Does the Novus Ordo have a "De Defectibus" in its "Lectionaries"?
  11. St Eleutherius
  12. St Philip Neri
  13. St. Mark the Ascetic
  14. Our Lady Shrine-Yours!
  15. Fifth Sunday After EasterSomething from the Summa
  16. Bl. Louis-Zepherin Moreau
  17. need to go to confession
  18. I Hope I Have my Cat Put to Sleep at the Right Time.
  19. St John Baptist de Rossi
  20. St Julia of Corsica
  21. The 4 Relations of the Trinity
  22. St Rita of Cascia
  23. Fourth Sunday After EasterSomething From the Summa
  24. Saint Urban
  25. St Bernardine of Siena
  26. St Peter Celestine
  27. St Yves
  28. Urgent prayers needed
  29. St Dymphna
  30. St Ubaldus
  31. St Isidore the farmer
  32. Guitar at Mass
  33. Ordination v. Consecration
  34. Holy Griffin of the Gospels
  35. St Boniface
  36. St Matthias
  37. Happy feast day of St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine
  38. Our Lady of Fatima
  39. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
  40. Helping the Holy Souls
  41. Blessed Imelda
  42. Stealing a Host
  43. St Pancras
  44. St. Nereus, Achilleus and Domitilla
  45. Happy Mothers Day
  46. Third Sunday After Easter
  47. How often do you pray the Rosary?
  48. St Michael the Archangel
  49. My parents need your prayers
  50. St Acathius