Author Topic: Two Key Books: The Life of Sr. Mary of St. Peter; The Life of Leon Papin-Dupont  (Read 1004 times)

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Tumultuous, valuable, compelling, astonishing history if I may put it like this Holy Face-Story His-Story specifically of Tours, its monastery, a bite out of French history (pub. 1884, and 1882)  Heaps of information beyond The Golden Arrow that totally dovetails with it and fulfills it written contemporaneously with the events just after Sr. Mary of St. Peter's death published in 1884 (revised ed. of that date, 1884).  Two library books links below.  Chiefly interesting because of the people... those who directly impacted, interacted with, tried to come to terms with, Sr. Mary of St. Peter with regard to the Holy Face devotion and prayers of reparation.  Many of which you will find in the books.

Life of Sister Mary of St. Peter:  Steep yourself in the history not in this order! of the monastery at Tours, which it broke my heart to learn recently was closed by the novus ordo in 1994 many treasures lost - to find out exactly what I mean and what Sister Mary of St. Peter lived with and saw each day, read this Life of the Sister!   Steep in. . .the life of the sister before she entered the monastery there, and meet the people around her through reliable sources including annals of the monastery at Tours - for example, those who had responsibility for confessing, advising the sister and handling (usually rejecting) the unusual situation she presented just by being herself in that setting, the monastery at Tours ... all surrounding and in relation to the Holy Face Devotion!   The Life adds at least twice the length of information in The Golden Arrow about it, closer to two thirds as much, and includes The Golden Arrow interspersed and made fuller.   I tried to download these the other day but they are way too long ... .such treasures they are!  

I am nearly constantly amazed by the fullness of the history provided, and expect to meet the same thing in the Life of her contemporary and friend, Leon Papin-Dupont, the lawyer who kept a lamp burning in his home by the picture of the Holy Face for decades, the site of many many miracles:  The Holy Man of Tours is also linked below.  He himself was dubbed the greatest miracle worker in the history of the church I guess through sheer number of miracles by a pope whose name I don't have in mind.

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The 'Holy Man of Tours' is GREAT!  I have not read the other book - thank you.

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I recently purchased The Life of Sr. Mary of St. Peter from Forgotten Books.  It is a direct reprint from the copy on  It has some ocr issues, but nothing you can't figure out.  


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