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Author Topic: The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty  (Read 507 times)

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The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty
« on: January 14, 2022, 04:14:21 PM »
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  • The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty

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    Re: The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty
    « Reply #1 on: January 14, 2022, 10:50:25 PM »
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  • I have read that book.

    If I recall, Beatty was working in the foreign service, OSS.

    His colleagues at overseas stations had warned him that the Jєωs were blocking true-news reports all over the world.

    This was in the late 1940's when he realized America was controlled by ʝʊdɛօ-masonry.
    "Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it underfoot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Our Lord Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor but a destroyer."  St. Francis of Assisi

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    Re: The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty
    « Reply #2 on: January 15, 2022, 07:48:56 PM »
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  • The following is a review of the book at Amazon:
    Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2014

    In this tour de force, Professor John Beaty exposes the who and how of our disease. Hailing from 1952 in its 9th printing, *The Iron Curtain Over America* seizes the snake by its head and holds it up to our inspection.

    Dr. Beaty taught English at Southern Methodist University from 1919 to 1957. He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University with post-graduate study at the University of Montpellier, France. A worldly man, Beaty served five years in military intelligence during WWII, rounding out his insider’s knowledge. His fingers were on the pulse of what ailed us then as now. This book should be under the belt of every patriotic American.

    History-rich and steeped in political science, *The Iron Curtain Over America* marches in lock step with others who did their part to expose the communist menace of their day. Among them are Senator Joseph McCarthy, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Senator Richard Nixon and General Douglas McArthur. You will note that all of these men, for their efforts, have been smeared by the commie pinko Jєωs. General McArthur was fired from his position by the Jєωs. President Nixon was set up for a fall in the Oval Office — smeared and framed by the Jєωs in their corny Watergate circus. J. Edgar Hoover got labeled gαy and Senator McCarthy was smeared by the Jєωs as an alcoholic wife-beater. I got a load of that in my college classes — where they αssαssιnαtҽ the characters of these men to this day. After reading this book I finally learn the Jєωιѕн motive behind it.

    The Jєωs need to discredit their critics. So they smear and calumniate them in their presses. However, public opinion is moody. Like a percheron stud, it can pull your plow in the direction you want. But don’t piss him off.

    Today that handy giant is precarious to the Jєω. His fickle might threatens to trample him in the field. Hence the panic of the Jєω-controlled American Cheka (pick a three-letter organisation, they are all in the cloud and in the crowd).

    Hence the pasty-face monitors cruising mall shoppers in all major American cities. They are not tiger sharks. They are Israelis with thick accents pretending to sell things from kiosks. What they are really doing is eavesdropping over the shoulders of unsuspecting shoppers. They sneak up on people whom they think might be discussing issues of concern to Israel.

    The enemies of Freedom are worried about what Americans might know. Things like “who really did 9/11 and who is committing all those acts of domestic terrorism in the USA and around the world, etc.” Particularly they are concerned about American and World Histories such as those discussed in Beaty’s book here. Specifically WWII History in how it relates to the counterfeit state of Israel.

    Since terrorist Israel’s whole apple cart teeters on how nαzι Germany was supposed to have killed six million Jєωs — they have a lot riding on what, by the shockwave of today’s Internet, has been reduced to a wobbly-knee’ed little donkey. Their big lie threatens to smash a carrier who grows weaker by the day. The wind of truth blows steady on their house of cards.

    Dr. Beaty’s treatise launches from the firm foundation of history into the current events of his day (which now to us is more history). But his passion pulls you into it. So you are breathing and walking in 1951.

    There is a picture of a sea of white Crosses in Beaty’s book. Crosses over the graves of our war dead in Honolulu, Hawaii. By the time of the book’s publication, the Crosses had been removed from the graves. Congress-woman Edith Nourse Rogers asked why the Crosses had been removed. A war department spokeman told her that it was “a trend of the times.” This writer infers that the reason for scrapping the Crosses is because they exhibit how many of our war dead were Christian men. In other words, I looked across the burial ground and could see not one hexagram of the Jєω. I refuse to call it the Star of David. The blood of King David courses not in their veins — these Khazars of Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9.

    Come I then to sing the praises of Beaty’s work, “To the mighty company of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines whose graves are marked by white crosses far from home this book is dedicated with the solemn pledge that the Christian civilization of which they were the finest flower shall not die.”

    With the author I proclaim as if we cannot discern the tactics of the Jєω as far back as Geoffrey Chaucer’s text – they excised part of the *Canterbury Tales* because it celebrated the German-speaking Teutonic Knights. It puts a stamp on Jєωιѕн tamperings in our literature. As it puts a stamp on their black hood of censorship.

    Quoting J. Edgar Hoover, “Anyone who opposes the American Communist is at once branded as a disrupter, a Fascist, a Red baiter, or a Hitlerite, and becomes the object of a systematic campaign of character assassination.” Little has changed there in the last 60 years.

    Beaty’s warning to us is that communist infiltrators were working feverishly to disease our body politic during his time. Communists were criminal Jєωs in his time and are criminal Jєωs in our time. Fathom if you dare the extent of their damage to our government and civilization since 1952.

    In 1950 the commies installed foreign-born Jєωess Anna Rosenberg at the Pentagon. And put the heifer in charge of military manpower. Her work was a wrecking ball. She wanted to lower the draft age to eighteen because teenage boys are more easily molded into what the commies want them to be. If you doubt that young folks are impressionable, just check the body-piercing and tattoo mania going on presently. Kids are copy-cats. So imagine how this propensity applies to green, eager masses of boot camp boys.

    J. Edgar Hoover wrote, “Communism can be defeated only by the truth.” So let us pistol-whip them with it. That pinko piss’ant Harry Truman headed a commie White House during the fall of China. His Jєω-infested State Department handed China to the reds by withholding arms and blockading Chiang Kai-Shek’s forces on Formosa.

    Chinese communists were the darlings of our State Department. They attacked my father in North Korea as he patched up the wounded of the 187th Airborne. Those sons-of-bitches. Chinese reds attacked our soldiers in what should have been their moment of victory. Communists stick together in peace and war. But work to divide us from within our gates.

    Enter the Palestine problem. In 1948 squatter Jєωs began their terrorism of the Middle East, claiming kinship with Jacob (re-named Israel by God in *The Pentateuch*). So they named a swath of land they stole from Arabs “Israel.” What a sham. They strong-armed this “settlement” by way of compensation for their sufferings under the Hitlerian heel. Note how the Arabs get punished for what Hitler’s Germany supposedly did.

    We see the clear pattern emerge in how the Jєωs went after General Douglas McArthur for being Christian and for being right. While still General of the Army, McArthur said in a speech, “I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of the any potential threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within…” Has John F. Kennedy not said the same?

    This book’s author counts the ways: “There are those who seek to corrupt our youth that they may rule them. There are those who seek to destroy our unity by stirring up antagonism among Christian denominations. There are those who intrude their stooges into many of our high military and executive offices.”

    Here’s a news clip from the past: “Baghdad, Iraq, 18 June 1951 (AP) – Police said today they had discovered large quantities of weapons and explosives in Izra Daoud ѕуηαgσgυє. Military sources estimated it was enough to dynamite all Baghdad.”

    According to Professor Beaty, 1951’s America was rife with commie Jєωs. He called for a clean-out of our government. What should we call for today?
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