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Author Topic: «Libido Dominandi» & «Jewish Revolutionary Spirit» e-books & audiobooks  (Read 994 times)

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Libido Dominandi (e-book, audiobook) & Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (e-book, audiobook) by E. Michael Jones

The Catholic sermon Pornography, Freedom, and Social Destruction draws from E. Michael Jones's Libido Dominandi and Jewish Revolutionary Spirit to show how the CIA used psychological warfare by playing shows like Baywatch to destabilize the Middle East before invading. He also mentions how (Counterfeit) Israel broadcasted hardcore porn prime-time to create apathy in Palestinian resurgents.
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  • I have this book and have read it.  It is an incredible work with a gargantuan amount of documentation gone into it.

    Absolutely brilliant and devastating in its analysis of how sexual liberation is a major part, if not even the greatest part, of the devil's plan for diabolical political control and more.  The author throughout the book shows how true the words of St. Augustine are that a man has as many masters as he has vices.  The world, on the other hand, would have man believe that the more vices he has the more free he is.  Utter nonsense, yet a nonsense man has fallen for and will no doubt fall for until the end of time.


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