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Author Topic: September - Month of Our Ladys sorrows  (Read 593 times)

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September - Month of Our Ladys sorrows
« on: September 01, 2013, 06:22:48 PM »
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  • The Rosary of Our Lady's Tears

    Our Lords words to Sister Amalia on November 8, 1929 were: "My daughter, whatever I am asked through the tears of My Mother, I shall give lovingly." On March 8, 1930 the most Pure Mother stated: "Through this rosary the devil will be subdued and the power of Hell will be destroyed. Prepare yourself for this great combat." Today the devil has much power because we have forgotten sin and no longer believe that Satan exists.

    the Rosary of Our Lady of Tears is seven groups of seven, the same form used for the Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows. Each group of seven represents one of the SORROWS of Mary. INSTEAD OF THE CREED SAY: Crucified Jesus! We fall at Your feet and offer You the tears of her who with deep compassionate love accompanied You on Your sorrowful Way of the Cross. Grant, O Good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the tears of Your most holy Mother teach us, so that we may fulfill Your holy will on earth, that we may be worthy to praise and exalt You in Heaven for all eternity.

    INSTEAD OF THE OUR FATHER SAY three times: O Jesus, look upon the tears of her who loved You most on earth, and loves You most ardently in Heaven.

    INSTEAD OF THE HAIL MARY, SAY: O Jesus, hear our prayers, for the sake of Your most holy Mother's tears.

    CONCLUDE BY PRAYING O Mary, Mother of love, sorrow and mercy, we beg you to unite your prayers with ours so that Jesus, your Divine Son, to Whom we turn may hear our petitions in the name of your maternal tears and may give us in addition to the favors we ask, the crown of everlasting life. Amen.


    This rosary or chaplet was revealed in 1929 and 1930, by Our Lord and His most holy Mother to Sister Amalia in Campina, Brazil, and was confirmed as supernatural by Bishop Campos Baretto, this rosary of Our Lady's Tears is NOT MEANT TO REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL ROSARY WE ALL LOVE AND PRAY DAILY.


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