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  1. 1993 - Imperia - in Constance Germany - Video - Mockery of Council of Constance
  2. 9/11 Truth Thread
  3. The Apocalypse
  4. From the Houses Tops (1983) 3 Important Letters of Father Feeney Issue # 24 PDF
  5. Italian Battle of the Bulge - Operation Winter Storm 1944
  6. Very Rare: From the Housetops # 24 in 1983 - PDF File
  7. Mystery of the Jewish People in History
  8. The Goy Guide to World History (5 Parts)
  9. [FRENCH] Marie-Dominique, O.P. (2017) «Saint Dominique & la fondation de l'O.P.»
  10. Feast of St. Dominic, Dominican Antiphonarium (Gillet, O.P.)
  11. Hymn to St. Dominic de Guzman, Founder of the Dominicans
  12. St. Francis of Assisi's Sermon to the Birds
  13. St. Thomas Aquinas, “Academic Sermon: Emitte spiritum on Pentecost”
  14. Reading Suggestions
  15. Works of St. Thomas Aquinas in English and in Latin
  16. The Theology of Christian Perfection
  17. The Second Vatican Council
  18. Preparations for the Passion from the Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta.
  19. The Possessed
  20. Iran Catholic
  21. End Game (full length documentary)
  22. Kennedy explains how Big Pharma owns Congress - 2 min video
  23. The Mirror of True Womanhood : A Book of Instruction for Women in the World
  24. Geocentrism for Young, Old, and In-Between
  25. How Christ Said the First mass, or, The Lord's Last supper.
  26. The Divine Twilight, Old Testament Stories in Scripture Language
  27. Dom Prosper Guerangers entire "Liturgical Year"
  28. The Divine Armory of Holy Scripture
  29. Little catechism of the Second Vatican Council
  30. My Prayer Book; Happiness in Goodness - Lasance
  31. Blessed Sacrament Book by F.X. Lasance
  32. Prayer Book for Religious by F.X. Lasance
  33. Seven Penitential Psalms
  34. FREE BOOK Nuclear War Survival Skills
  35. Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange
  36. CODOH Flyer on the Holohoax
  37. Scientific Heresies and Their Effect on the Church
  38. free book on Experiments and History of Electricity great for homeschoolers!
  39. Three to Get Married
  40. Vermeersch, A., S.J. (1932). "What Is Marriage?"
  41. Ford, John Cuthbert, S.J. (1938). Validity of Virginal Marriage
  42. Meditations On The Mysteries Of Our Holy Faith by Fr. Louis De Ponte
  43. VALTORTA: 1,000+ discussion/ebook
  44. What is envy?
  45. Detraction
  46. Rash Judgment
  47. The Catechism Explained. An Exhaustive Exposition.
  48. TFP's 2018 R&R book
  49. «Theology of Christian Perfection» by Fr. Antonio Royo Marín, O.P.
  50. The Testimony of Gloria Polo, per 5 may 1995