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  1. 3rd Sunday after The Epiphany
  2. St. Agnes
  3. Sts. Fabian , Pope Martyr
  4. St. Canute
  5. Devotions to St. Peter and St. Paul
  6. St. Antony of the Desert
  7. Read Me or Rue It and
  8. St. Marcellus I
  9. St. Paul the first Hermit
  10. 2nd Sunday after The Ephiphany
  11. St. Hilary
  12. AUDIOBOOK: The Thirteenth: Greatest of Centuries
  13. Octave of the Epiphany and Baptism of Our Lord
  14. Abp. Sheen on not following intellectual fashions
  15. Reflections on days of Octive of The Epiphany
  16. Devotions to The Holy Family
  17. Feast of The Holy Family
  18. The Epiphany
  19. Vigil of the Epiphany
  20. Novena of The Epiphany
  21. The Labors of the Apostles
  22. Meditations on the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  23. The Circumcision and Holy Name of JESUS
  24. New Year s Eve
  25. Devotions to the Holy Name of JESUS
  26. St. Sylvester
  27. 6th Day within the Octave of Christmas
  28. St. Thomas of Canterbury
  29. The Holy Innocents
  30. St. John
  31. Manner of Hearing Mass at home
  32. St. Stephen
  33. The Feast of The Nativity
  34. The Feast of The Nativity at Midnight At Bethlehem
  35. Christmas Carol s
  36. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
  37. St. Thomas
  38. Novena to St. John the Apostle
  39. Litany for Peace to the Divine Infant at Christmas
  40. The Christmas Crib or Creche
  41. Birth of Christ Fullness of Time
  42. Fourth Week of Advent
  43. Christmas Novena
  44. St. Eusebiius
  45. Octave of The Immaculate Conception
  46. Mystery of Christmas
  47. St. Lucy
  48. Our Lady of Gaudalupe
  49. The Spanish History of Our Lady of Guadalupe Prior to the 16th Century
  50. St. Damasus I