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« on: November 04, 2007, 08:18:56 PM »
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  • ...Zimbabwe is the place for you, as we read the latest email report from Cathy Buckle, who lives there.

    She writes, "Earlier in the week the official inflation rate was announced to be 7,892%. With virtually no food to buy in the shops, it's impossible to try and understand just exactly how the food part of the inflation calculation is made. However it's done, it is a world away from what's happening on the ground. When you've gone without a basic household product for three months or more, you grab it when you see it and just hope you've got enough money to pay for it. This week it was margarine. The last time this was openly on sale, it had been $100,000. On Monday a friend said she'd seen margarine, but it was $400,000 for a 500g pack. By Tuesday it was gone. On Wednesday it was back, same brand, same size, but the price had gone up to $620,000. By Friday there were only four or five packets left on the shelf, and the price had gone up again - this time to 720 thousand dollars.

    As a result, the average lifespan of a man in Zimbabwe has now dropped from 62 to 35 years. How do you like inflation now?
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