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Title: Time to buy this Bull Market?
Post by: Stubborn on November 28, 2017, 05:11:05 AM
Things are looking way, way to rosy according to the Wall Street bandits. When the crooks start talking about the future economy being "as good as it gets" ( that usually means it's time for a pretty substantial pull back to happen in the stock market. Historically, when the crooks talk doom and gloom, tell you to sell or don't buy, that things are looking terrible etc. - always at the bottom - that is (historically) the time to be ready to buy.

When they start talking the way they're talking now, some 8 odd years into a bull market, possibly at the top?, that should perk up the old antennae that something is likely rotten in Denmark.
Then there's President Trump's arch enemy CNN ( turning bullish on the stock market, reporting a stock market that's up, up and away. 

How about CNBC - they're reporting there is no top ( in sight.

These are just three reports, but there are more, and there likely will be many more in the coming days. These are the type of reports that have been missing from the MSM, until now - makes me go hmmmmm. 

Just a heads up.  

Title: Re: Time to buy this Bull Market?
Post by: Last Tradhican on November 28, 2017, 08:37:29 AM
The stock market and gold always crash the day I decide to put money into them.

I stick to things I can see and control, like properties. The stock market is controlled by others, a company could be doing great and their stock goes nowhere, while a company losing money can have their stock skyrocket.