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Author Topic: They are trying to create food shortages!  (Read 1925 times)

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Re: They are trying to create food shortages!
« Reply #60 on: April 26, 2022, 02:39:11 PM »
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  • Brannon Howse: Apparently, Bill Gates has a book out about preparing for the next pandemic. That's always a little concerning. Well, one of the things we learned about in our experience with the pandemic was what it does to food and the food crisis. And perhaps they saw how it indeed freaked people out that maybe they decided that's another way we can get control of people not only through pandemics, but getting control of food.
    Brannon Howse: Well, interestingly enough, something I've been warning about is the food crisis since 2016, specifically on a regular basis. I was talking about it before that, but in 2016, I became quite concerned about it. As you know, in 2013, if you remember my family, I put enough freeze-dried food away from my family for many, many months. That was in 2013. I then mentioned it on the air for the first time publicly in 2016. I really didn't mention it because I don't know, I just didn't think people would care, and maybe they wouldn't understand. By 2016 I didn't really care. So, I mentioned it. 
    As you know, my phone started blowing up with texts, emails, phone calls, and people asking, what did you get? Where did you get it? And so, I said, we will just get into distribution. We'll be a distributor. I’ll use it to help fund our broadcast network and what we're doing. Well, as I've told you before, I got some people that were mocking me and mocking us on social media, and some of them were even pastors and work for big national ministries. I'm thinking, what do you care what we do? But more importantly, doesn't this show you just how you can't trust most of these so-called pastors today and their staff? They are that out of touch, very much like the religious hypocrites and Pharisees of the days of Jesus.
    Brannon Howse: He chided them. He said, "You can discern the weather, but you can't even understand the times." Chiding the religious leaders of his day. Well, many of our religious leaders and their staff can't understand the times either. And when we tell them the trends and what's happening, they mocked us. Well, I don't think anyone's laughing now. But would you have thought that mainstream talk radio, mainstream news, and even the Liberals would be warning about a food shortage? No, but they are. 
    In fact, Dan Bongino keeps bringing it up. I played you a clip the other day of him talking about it. He's at it again. But this time, he brings some rather scary news that I've received today from several sources. Several different people sending me all the same news story because apparently, this is getting out there. Why are some of the food businesses burning down? There seems to be a rash of fires occurring at places that process and manufacture food. It's caught the attention of many, including Dan Bongino. Watch what he said just recently. (Video Playing)
    Dan Bongino: I'm going to go through a series of headlines. This is just in the last few months. Newsweek: Seven Injured in an Explosion as Fire Engulfs a Food Plant; smoke visible for miles. That was in February. April, Plane Crashes into Idaho Potato and Food Processing Plant, killing the pilot, cops say. Kind of weird. It's from Arizona. Fifty Thousand Pounds of Food Destroyed After Fire Ripped Through Maricopa Food Pantry. Hmm. Oh, there's more. Thousands Flee Homes Near North Carolina Fertilizer Plant Fire. Now here's a montage that was in that stream we put out there, Bonanza Meat Company Building on Fire on Paisano Drive Near Downtown El Paso. Fire Erupts at Meat Processing Facility in Lackawanna County. 
    Cattle Rescued After Fire Destroys Meat Market. Large Fire at Tulsa Tyson Poultry Meat Plant in Huntsville, Alabama. Fire Shuts Down Hot Pockets Plant Jonesboro. Wisconsin River Meats: A Portion of the Mastin Plant a Total Loss After Fire. Oh, there is more. Yeah, I could go on all day. Fire Shuts Down Nebraska. Fire destroys Daily Star Meat Plant. Explosion Causes Fire at Oregon plant. Multiple Alarm Fire at Food Processing Operation Hamilton Mountain. Folks, I'm just asking questions here because, again, I'm sure the fact-checkers will jump all over the story, not that they'll tell me, by the way, that something is going on.
    Dan Bongino: Railways Are Delivering Now 20% Less Fertilizer. Rep. Austin Scott has been all over this. So, you've got fertilizer supplies going down, global wheat supplies going down. You've got a major crisis in Shanghai, which is shut down due to COVID and the communists, where ports aren't getting out as much as they should. And you've got a bevy, and I do mean a bevy of fires at fertilizer and food plants and accidents around the country. Remember what I told you? We're only four missed meals away from total chaos. 
    Your kids start looking at you one day; God forbid we ever get to the point we have a serious food crisis here, and go, Dad, Mom, where are you going to get our next meal? Good luck with that one. That's not a day we ever want to reckon with here, folks. You never panic if you're prepared. You know, I don't tell you this to create panic, but I do tell you this because anxiety can motivate people to prepare themselves. Today's the day to do it, not tomorrow.
    Brannon Howse: Well, he's absolutely right. But again, who would have thought that that's what they would be talking about today a few years ago? Well, I didn't think it would go that mainstream, but I started talking about it quite extensively in 2016. Let's see, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, that's six years now. I've been talking about it pretty much nonstop. On my radio show, on my TV show, in articles. Here we are. How many churches have prepared? Not many. They're too busy building $14-$15 million buildings. Some of these churches today now have $100 million complexes that sit empty 90% of the time. 
    Yeah, but if the proverbial mess hits the fan, how many of those so-called churches are going to be ready to help the widows and the orphans in their church? They sure will have beautiful buildings, some of them racquetball courts and bowling alleys. Nothing wrong with that. If that's what the people want, that's fine. I remember asking a pastor once, several years ago, many years ago, what is your church going to do if the power goes out? If there's a cyber-attack? EMP attack? What are you going to do with all those widows in your church? Those single moms? He looked at me like I was crazy. Don't count on the government to help you. Don't count on your local church to help you. In fact, I even put together a little PowerPoint presentation here. 
    Brannon Howse: So, I went out and grabbed some of those slides that he was just talking about. This is all going around today. A lot of people are talking about this today. He mentioned that. That's the article by our buddy Leo Hohmann. Major Railroad Company Curtailing Shipments of Fertilizer Ahead of Crucial Spring Planting Season Decisions Adds to Worries About Coming Food Shortages. Yeah, 20% drop in the volume? What is all this about? Again, isn't it ironic that what was it, in 2020, the Rockefellers put out a report on federalizing the national food industry? 
    Here again. Even Biden here at town hall. Biden Warns Americans a Food Shortage is Coming. There's another article. Lawmakers Call on Biden to Address Food Shortages. Again, did you ever think you'd see the day of this in America? No, you didn't. I mean, who would have. Right? But then again, we also didn't expect to see COVID, a Bioweapon released on the American people. We never expected our own government to want to shoot us full of a bioweapon and keep doing it after we have people dropping dead, including many, many, many young athletes dropping dead. Again, all I can do is tell you what's coming. And again, I started preparing in 2013 with enough freeze-dried food for my family for months. I'm up to about a year's supply now for my family.
    Brannon Howse: If you want, you can buy it or not buy it. It's up to you. But I'm telling you what's in the news. I'll also tell you we do have it. We have about 12 pallets that arrived in the last couple of weeks. I talked to the distributor today, and they were already processing it today. The order I put in last week. So, we have it. We're working hard to get it. We lock up a lot of our capital to buy it, store it, and then offer it to you as a service. I hope you see the headlines. So, buy it from us. Buy somewhere else. It's up to you.  If you buy it from us, you're helping because we use the profits to keep growing my research and team and the news and all that we're doing here. But buy somewhere else if you want to. But I would urge you to get ready. And I'm telling you, we've had to fight to be very vigilant, to be able to keep the orders coming in, to keep the pallet loads coming in. Because their demand is historic. Do you want to get some? You can go to my website; guys, here it's at You can test it out with just a 72-hour kit for 25 bucks.
    Brannon Howse: The two-week kit. Four-week kit, three-month emergency supply. You'll find it. All the details. I mean, not like you're buying a pig in a poke. Go to, click on the link, and it'll bring up all the details. Three is a month's supply kit here, but you can go through and read all about it. See exactly what you're getting. So Check it out if you're interested. By the way, I will get into it in just a little bit. The push for getting rid of meat and the carbon footprint you're leaving by having meat. And by the way, they're going to want to tax you like you can't believe because we all know about the Great Reset, right? We all know about the Great Reset. Well, Klaus Schwab has come out with a new book. He finished it I think it was December 2021. 
    He finished up his new book, and it is called The Great Narrative. His first book was called The Great Reset. His second book is called The Great Narrative. Yesterday on my radio show for an hour from 1 to 2, which is also a TV show here on Lindell TV from 1 to 2 central, and then on my TV/Radio show that's on 60 terrestrial stations again today. I went into the second hour. Tomorrow I may do that again. I may do a middle East update tomorrow. Get back to this on Monday. We'll see. But the point is, I've been going through this. I've been reading this boring book by Klaus Schwab, The Great Narrative, which should really be called The Great Lie. Look, he says, "The Great Reset, published in July 2020. Then The Great Narrative, the next book.” 
    All right. He finished this up in December of 2021. He talks about meeting with 50 globalist leaders. And, by the way, then they had a two-day brainstorming session in November 2021, in the middle of the paragraph, there in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. Wait a minute. You mean the same place where they just held that conference a week or two ago about world government? The World Government Conference. Wow. A lot happening in the Middle East. Well, you know what I've been saying for many years, world government will actually come out of the Middle East. I believe the Bible tells us it will come right out of Babylon, 58 miles south of Baghdad. There are two folks at the Army War College suggesting we move the United Nations to Babylon. The UNESCO, United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization has been working and raising money for years to rebuild Babylon. The Bible talks about a one-world system based in Babylon.
    Brannon Howse: Folks, that's not New York. Sorry. Don't send me emails and tell me that, that's stupid. When the Bible says Jerusalem, it means Jerusalem. When it says Rome. It means Rome. When it says Babylon, it means Babylon. Read the description. Use hermeneutical tools, which are the same house rules, the same standard for interpretation throughout the Bible. And you can get a good understanding of what it's talking about. So interesting. I wrote a book, The Coming Religious Reich, a 500-page book a few years ago. And I talk extensively about Babylon, the Bible and Babylon being in the news, and the push for world government. And what do we have going on in Dubai right now? They are, in the United Arab Emirates, more precisely, they're building what? A temple, a mosque, and a church. Newsweek: Mosque, ѕуηαgσgυє, and a Church Being Built Together in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. There's a picture of it. There you go, that's your ecuмenicalism. A church, a mosque, and a Jєωιѕн temple. And by the way, Pope Francis is blessing it.
    Brannon Howse: So, there have they have the idea of this ecuмenicalism which I've been writing about for years, world government coming on what? Big government, religion, and politics, the three-legged stool. And here we have, being built in the Middle East there, in the United Arab Emirates this ecuмenical system. The Pope is even praising it. Well, that's not too far. Go pull out a map. Look how far away the United Arab Emirates is. It's not very far away from Babylon. It's interesting. 
    Everything seems to be going to the Middle East, holding conferences on building a world government. Some of the biggest globalist leaders, according to Klaus Schwab, just met last November 2021 in the United Arab Emirates. To do what? Talk about global governance. They even put together the Group of Enlightened, the product of enlightened wisdom of a crowd's vision, these enlightened ones. As I talked about on the radio today, these people are thought to be more enlightened. They've been entertained a thought that you and I can't handle. That's the New Age movement. That's cosmic humanism. That's Alice Bayley. That's Helena Blavatsky. Hitler studied Helena Blavatsky. I've been doing a series, and I talked about the fact on Sunday nights that Alice Bayley was called the mother of the New Age Movement. She thought she was channeling the same entity that Helena Blavatsky was channeling.
    Brannon Howse: A demon is what she's talking to. I don't care what she calls it, a Spirit Guide, a Master Guide. Someone more highly evolved through the process of reincarnation. Sorry, it's a demon. She thought she was consulting the same master guide, Alice Bayley the mother of the New Age Movement, as was Helena Blavatsky, who greatly influenced Adolf Hitler. And guess what they're all calling for? An evolved human race, an Aryan evolved race. Wait a minute. An Aryan evolved race.? That is interesting. What are they all pushing? Killing certain people that they think are useless eaters. Do you mean like Hitler did to the useless eaters? Those who are not of blood and soil. Those who are a blight, a poison. 
    And now we're starting a depopulation plan around the globe and giving people a death shot. Ironically, it seemed to have started years ago, testing it out in third-world countries, largely populated by people of color. You mean like Margaret Sanger, who was also into the Theosophical Society or into a theocracy, the New Age, cosmic humanism, the idea of an evolved race of people, biological evolution, and then spiritual evolution to the point that these folks now think they are the enlightened ones. Klaus got together these 50 global leaders, global thinkers, and opinion-makers; he says at the top of the page. They did this in November 2021. And this was the basis for his new book, The Great Narrative, which should be called The Great Lie.
    Brannon Howse: And it included people who are enlightened wisdom, enlightened ones who entertained a thought you and I can't handle. How many of them are under demonic control? Interesting, they're working with these Muslim Islamists. That's interesting. Do you think Muhammad was fooling around with demons? Mm-hmm. If you don't know the Quran. If you don't read the Hadiths, then you don't know. But I'll just tell you to ask my buddy Usama Dakdok. In fact, I'll endeavor to have Usama on in the next day or so and ask him. I'll ask him to tell you whether or not Muhammad was fooling around with demons. 
    And by the way, what's very interesting is the description of Allah in the Quran matches the description of Satan in the Bible. Can I tell you that again? Oh, that's a news clip for you. Let Newsweek or some other group pick that up as a news feed. Sorry. It's the truth. Go look at the description of Allah in the Quran. He's the best deceiver. What is Satan called in the Bible? The Father of Lies. Allah is the best of deceivers. There are all kinds of other descriptions. Allah hated, and Mohammed hated the Jєωs, the people of the book, the Christians, the Jєωs. Satan hates the Christians and the Jєωs. I mean, I can keep going. So, the question is, was Mohammed fooling around with the occult world, the demonic world, the spirit world? Yeah, I think he was.
    Brannon Howse: So, would we be shocked that the Islamists are some of the enlightened leaders as well, and maybe they're being demonically influenced? Probably. The Marxist Islamists, the red-green axis, the globalists working together, meeting there in the Middle East. Why is all this coming out of the Middle East? There was a conference on world government just a couple of weeks ago. Building these three a mosque, a temple, and a church for political and global governance and ecuмenicalism. Right there in the United Arab Emirates, not too far from Babylon. Interesting how it's all coming together for those who have the eyes to see. 
    Interesting, isn't it? Now we see nations deliberately creating crises in their food supply by which to get ahold of people. Remember last year. I did eight or nine Sunday nights on the Great Collapse is Necessary for the Great Reset. I gave you seven or eight Fs for control and collapse. What was one of them? Food, another is finances. Foreign invasion, remember that one? Foreign invasion? Food, finances, foreign invasion, family health care. I mean, I gave you a bunch of them. And now we're on the verge of a foreign invasion. 
    Brannon Howse: So, the sheriffs down there on the border in Texas are being told, you better have your cops ready for an invasion that's going to need riot gear. You want to catch my radio show from yesterday and today, where I'm covering this book by Klaus Schwab, this boring book. But what I do is I pull out the paragraphs that are actually interesting and then share them with you and describe to you the policies and ideas. But look at that headline there. That's the book. Go to, and you can watch the hour I did yesterday, and the hour I did today as I go through the great narrative by Klaus Schwab, which should really again be called the Great Lie. Okay. I want to try to help you understand what they plan on doing. Which, oh, by the way, I want to mention it because it fits in with the conversation. They are planning on using carbon footprints. 
    They want to use carbon footprints. They go into great detail about the need for carbon footprints and charging you so much. Look at this. William Nordhaus estimates to obtain either the two-degree objective or the target of zero net emissions by 2050, carbon prices would have to rise to $300 to $500 per ton by 2030 and go as high as $1,000 per ton by 2050. They want to charge you a carbon footprint. Let me tell you something, folks, about a carbon footprint and charging you a carbon tax. Let me just do the math on that real quick. I looked it up. 
    The average family member supposedly puts out 17.5 tons a year. That's the average individual, 17.5 tons. So, if you have a family of four, it puts out, supposedly, 17.5, and multiply that by four is 70 tons for a family of four. Now, if they were going to tax you right now, I guess they have it at about $3 a ton, but they want to get it as high as $75 a ton, $75 a ton times 70 puts us at $4,900. Let me do that again, 17.5 times four, a family of four, the average person doing 17.5 tons a year times four equals 70 times $75 equals, I'm sorry I did the math wrong.
    Brannon Howse: That equals $5,250 because I did 17.5 times four, which is 70 times the $75 that's $5,250. Now, how many of you are ready to pay $5,250 a year in a carbon tax? Extra tax? You got another extra $5,200 bucks lying around you don't really care about? Here, take this world government. Here's your UN global tax. But what did they say? They would like to see it go to as high as $300 per ton. Really? All right, so let's do that, 17.5, a family member times a family of four. That's the 70 number we're at, okay. And then let's multiply that 70 number times, let's take the $300. All right. 
    Now we're at $21,000. How many want to pay an extra $21,000? But they'd like to get it as high as $1,000. Look at that. Well, that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Are you kidding me? Seventy times $1,000, obviously, is going to be $70,000. Who on earth is going to be able to afford that? So even if they just do the $300, they were looking at $300 to $500, but even if we just went with that 70 times the $300, we're at $21,000 as your carbon tax. Now you know why Klaus Schwab says, "You'll own nothing and be happy." Because when you can't pay your carbon tax, they come and confiscate your stuff. 
    All right. There we go. Enough said. I'm getting mad.

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    Re: They are trying to create food shortages!
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  • Going to repeat great advice I got from a priest, which is... No matter what, especially in a situation like this, you need spiritual sustenance. If you don't have *paper* copies of spiritual works now is the time to buy some. He says to buy a cheap paperback copy of the Imitation of Christ and put it in your "go bag". It's likely the globalists will try to take the grid down or disable electronics or maybe even have trads on the run or even all of the above. If you can't afford a copy of the Imitation of Christ PM me and I can send you one.
    "We dare not even start to hope until the Faith, the true Faith, and its revealed content, are secured in our minds. Only in terms of Faith do we dare to hope."

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    Re: They are trying to create food shortages!
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  • Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kentucky), who serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee, warns that there will be a worldwide famine within the next year.