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Invest in the Future
« on: March 05, 2007, 12:38:13 PM »
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  • Invest In The Future

    As you may suspect already, you are not being told everything about the global stock market crash taking place this week. If you want to understand current events beyond what CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX "News," The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post are all telling you, then visit this web page.

    Here are some suggestions for protecting any investments you may have, that are a bit different from those TV's talking heads are parroting:

    -Invest in your community, and build community ties. Here are some suggestions by James Howard Kunstler on some steps you can take.

    -No matter where you live, railroads ship goods to cities more efficiently than 18-wheel tractor trailers. Here is a short list of railroads in Canada and the US that will be vital for the future shipment of food to North American cities:

        CN (Canadian National Railway)
        CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway)
        NS (Norfolk Southern Railway) -ships coal to eastern seaboard
        CSX (CSX Transportation)
        UPN (Union Pacific)

    -Here is a list of railroads by country; many are publicly traded.

    -Bicycles are one of the most efficient forms of transportation ever invented: here is a list of bicycle manufacturers. Many are traded publicly.

    -Moving food, goods, and services by sea and barge is even more efficient that by rail. An explanation of this can be read here.

    -Many communites have local recycling programs. This is an excellent first step, but building sustainable, healthy communities will require more advanced recycling techniques.

    -Western governments may put the brakes on the dollar's slide, and freeze plummeting stock markets soon. Little time may be left to sell a portion of your stock market holdings, in order not to lose more of your savings. In the stock market crash of 1929, the first investors to sell got out with their hard-earned savings intact; the last to sell saw their life savings vanish overnight. Many people in the U.S hold investments in 401k and IRa retirement plans, and cannot sell these without a large tex panalty. Some of these plans allow the worker to shift their investments as they choose, so moving some retirement assets into safer long-term stocks is an investment in the future, not only for protecting one's savings, but also to protect one's commuity. Think about investing in your community and building local economies, as the price of gasoline and energy rises. Save those old sweaters and blankets to use on colder days, rather than turn up the heat in your home.

    -The following companies manufacture energy-efficient items right here in the USA:

        Whirlpool Corp.: US Stock Symbol: WHR

        Frigidaire Corp. is a division of Electrolux, and manufactures energy-efficient refigerators here in the US. It is a Swedish Corporation, and Sweden has been way ahead of the game in sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for decades now. Electrolux stock info.

    You do NOT want to hold any of the following: Banking stocks and investment firms, auto manufacturers, hydrogen car manufacturers, the US trucking industry, gold mining companies, and especially avoid Barrick Gold. Note that while commodity prices are going up, the price of gold is remaining steady or dropping. That is because the IMF and Central Banks are selling off gold to create the impression that the dollar and other fiat currencies still have real value. It is a financial slight-of-hand, like an illusionist uses the art of misdirection to perform "magic." History repeats: when fiat currencies have collapsed on the past, private ownership of gold and silver bullion and coins have been outlawed, as desperate governments attempt to prop up failing currencies, having failed the hardworking taxpayer, and spent their countries into bankruptcy.

    Believe in yourself, not the TV news anchors who have peddled you the lies from Washington, DC for so many decades.

    For the original version of this article, WITH LINKS, download the Word version here:
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