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Higher food prices coming
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:17:53 AM »
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  • Time to stock up on extra, so the shortages will hit you less...

    From a website that uses software to monitor news headlines all over the Web:

     Of course the snow this weekend (a trace here, too) means that food prices will almost certainly go up faster-than-expected later this year, and as this morning's Wall St. Journal online headlines it: "Crop Prices Soar, Pushing up Cost of Food Globally".  This, of course, comes as no surprise to our readers, who send in anecdotal reports like this one - based on the heads up we've been giving about "encounters with scarcity" to come this year...

       "I was talking with my uncle last evening about the loss of the young corn crops that was mentioned on your site on Friday.

        Uncle, who has been farming for 75 years, was telling me that a 50 lb. bag of seed corn is currently selling for $100 to $140.

        This is a massive increase.

        Last year, I bought a 50 lb. bag for $5.

        Not only has the price skyrocketed, Uncle said that he was at the feed store on Wednesday and the owner told him "If you don't already have it ordered, you won't get any corn seed this year."

        Also, Uncle tells me, fertilizer has jumped to $350 to $400 per ton.

        Just thought I would pass along the information."

    Naturally, this won't show up any time soon in "offishall" numbers because it's not what government does
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