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Author Topic: Cyber Polygon 2021 Exercise  (Read 344 times)

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Cyber Polygon 2021 Exercise
« on: February 17, 2022, 06:47:38 PM »
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  • I just came across this British gentlemen's YT channel.  He seems to have a financial background and puts out a bunch of videos on finance/prepping/economics.  He seems like a very smart guy and I think this video is eye-opening.  Here is his description from June 2021:

    There have been a number of high profile cyber attacks this year, the World Economic Forum claims this is the most likely threat to take down our infrastructure and systems over the next year. Cyber Polygon takes place in July of 2021 and gives us more of an in depth view of the threats to expect next.

    In this video, he will outline what the elites say *will* happen in the near future  (the elites use the phrase "inevitable global cyberattack").

    Personally, when I heard about a "cyber attack" a few years ago, I brushed it off as affecting only the internet or certain industries.  But based on the explanation from the World Economic Forum itself, such an attack will bring the entire global system to its knees because it will affect the global internet and data from all industries at once.  (In my opinion, this is the "excuse" the elites will use for "why" the global economy and every major stock market will crash.  A cyber attack = global loss of data = global stock market crash = global chaos = a global "need" for an economic solution = a global currency to bring stability = the beginnings of a global govt)

    Further, when you see how this "cyber pandemic" is explained and the code-words used, you will see how similar in explanation it is to the covid crisis (notice the use of the word "pandemic").  They are explaining the cyber attack using virus metaphors, so that the avg sheeple can understand (and swallow) the propaganda.  This proves that covid was just a precursor to an economic takeover, as many have long held (but that's besides the point).

    If you don't want to watch the whole thing, start at the 8:43 mark.

    My takeaways from the video are this (from a personal perspective, that which you can avoid.  The cyber attack is unavoidable, in my opinion):
    1.  This video was made 6 months ago, and the media has been pushing the idea of a cyber attack since 2020.
    2.  Backup your computer so you don't lose files, if it gets infected by the internet.
    3.  Have paper copies/proof of important accounts, in case you have to prove account balances with your bank.
    4.  Be generally prepared for power/internet outages, with food/lights/heat/etc, as needed.

    The point is, the elites are describing the cyber attack in Covid terms because once the cyber virus is released, it will "infect" every server and computer system that is connected to the internet (i.e. 90% of all major global businesses).  This virus will "kill" many servers/systems (i.e. data will be deleted) and will cause a "flash crash" in global economic stock markets, because if only a few banks/investment companies experience problems, the stock markets are pre-programmed with algorithms to react to a crisis, and if there is a sudden panic, then the algorithms will trigger a massive sell-off of stocks, which will cause the stock market value to plummet.  Because of these algorithm programs, all of this market panic and price drop could happen in a matter of hours

    Let me repeat:  The global financial system could crash in a matter of hours, based on a cyber attack. 

    This does sound scary, but this is also reality.  The markets are rigged, controlled and planned.  Prepare accordingly!  I'm posting this not to cause fear to to hope it gives you time to plan.  God bless.