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Blue State Jobs Depression
« on: June 25, 2020, 07:15:10 PM »
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  • The Blue State Jobs Depression

    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 06/25/2020 - 19:10

    Authored by Stephen Moore via,
    The latest Department of Labor employment data confirm that when it comes to the economy, America is two nations: red and blue.  As the post-cσɾσnαvιɾυs shutdown era begins, blue states are losing jobs at record paces and red states are starting to gain them.

    Here is what the data is telling us: 10 states had unemployment rates in May above 15%.  They are all states with Democratic governors, with the exception of deep-blue Massachusetts with its liberal Republican governor, Charlie Baker. 

    Ranked from highest to lowest they are Nevada (25.3%), Hawaii (22.6%), Michigan (21.2%), California (16.3%), Rhode Island (16.3%), Massachusetts (16.3%), Delaware (15.8%), Illinois (15.2%), New Jersey (15.2%), Washington (15.1%). 
    The five states with the lowest unemployment rates are all red states – most of which never shut down at all. These are Nebraska (5.2%), Utah (8.5 %), Wyoming (8.8%), Arizona (8.9%), and Idaho (8.9%). 
    This is exactly as Arthur Laffer and I predicted in a study we conducted back in March on the economic effects of lσcкdσωns.  States with very strict business shutdown and stay-at-home orders would be facing a much tougher recovery period than states that never shut down, like Utah and Wyoming, and states that rapidly reopened, such as Arizona.  This would be a bifurcated red state, blue state recovery – and so it is, so far.

    This is not a cσɾσnαvιɾυs recession. It is a blue state lσcкdσωn recession.  Democrats say they have shut down their economies to maintain the safety of their citizens.  But that is a stretch.  Studies are now finding that the negative health effects from the lσcкdσωn (ѕυιcιdє, delayed treatments for cancer and heart problems, depression, spousal abuse, alcohol and drug overdoses, to name a few) could easily match the saving of lives from lσcкdσωns. 
    But there is a much bigger problem with this argument.  It is factually untrue that blue states did a better job than red states in keeping their citizens safe. They didn’t.  The 10 states with the highest death rates from cσɾσnαvιɾυs (as a percentage of the state population) are all states with Democratic governors.  A blue state resident was twice as likely to die from the virus as a red state resident even though the red states were not heavy-handed in locking down their economies.  (Population density likely factored in as well.)


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