View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. Circuit City to close 1/5 of stores!
  2. Scandinavia forced into waiting arms of Euro
  3. Water crisis beginning in the USA!
  4. Container Ships Sitting Empty as Global Trade Slows; Greece Faces Dire Econ
  5. They still don't get it: Bloomberg: Wall Street Won't Surrender on Bonuses.
  6. Students flee country to flee student loans
  7. What is the rise in stocks based on?
  8. Smashing of dreams isn't over
  9. Volkswagen trading at TEN TIMES a decent value!
  10. Let the record show...
  11. Western Europe in the most trouble
  12. Volvo truck sales down 99.7%
  13. Asian markets tumble overnight; China's down 12%
  14. US Currency collapse within 30 days
  15. Central banks EVEN MORE desperate
  16. Layoffs to get REAL ugly
  17. Scorecard for the Greater Depression
  18. Australia freezes retirement accounts
  19. Experts conclude: US will default on debts before Summer 09
  20. GLG chief Emmanuel Roman warns thousands of hedge funds on brink of failure
  21. Worst to come for Pakistan despite IMF move
  22. Dow Average May Sink to 5,000, Boockvar Says: Chart of the Day
  23. Futures halted as trading enters 'panic mode'
  24. Russian default risk tops Iceland as crisis deepens
  26. Confusion reigns
  27. Summarizing the current Depression
  28. Mogambo Guru puts it simply, yet truthfully!
  29. Markets hold breath as Lehman swaps unwind
  30. Crisis will make 1929 seem like walk in the park
  31. Chinese workers angry at toy factory closure
  32. American Financial Crisis from a Catholic Perspective
  33. What to expect with martial law:
  35. Funny cartoon
  36. One million Britons to be unemployed by Christmas
  37. Pathetic propaganda on CNNmoney
  38. How the US must fix itself
  39. Government investing in The Nine (major banks)
  40. How does Unlimited Funds sound?
  41. U.S. summons master Jew bankers to secret meeting
  42. Possible Emergency: Bank of America problems?
  43. Germany to try massive bailout - 400 billion
  44. Austrians buying gold in droves
  45. In Britain, people keeping money "under the mattress"
  46. Britain making big moves
  47. People feverishly buying gold over this weekend
  48. Global collapse is halting food shipments!
  49. Roubini: Global economic collapse
  50. Why is gold not taking off?