View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. Silence the truthtellers!
  2. Emergency plans to keep shelves full
  3. Ecuador defaults!
  4. What's going on in the markets
  5. Renters in good standing getting thrown out of homes
  6. Angry Chicago workers occupy factory
  7. Gold backwardation
  8. US Bonds -- the next Bubble
  9. California to pay with IOUs
  10. November 08: 1/2 a Million jobs lost!
  11. Activist moves homeless into foreclosed homes
  12. Copper theft a hot problem
  13. Treasury might give out 4.5% mortgages (1% lower than normal!)
  14. Credit card lines to get cut by HALF!
  15. Famine coming in 2009
  16. Martial Law perspective from someone who KNOWS
  17. Why oil and gas are so cheap
  18. China: Riots, Emergency rate cuts, Millions laid off
  19. 2009: Titanic shocks to the system -- "Once in 500 years"
  20. US Bond market fails
  21. ALL financial companies will be NATIONALIZED
  22. Sea of unwanted cars clogs up major ports
  23. IOUSA - 30 min. documentary on 53 trillion dollar national debt
  24. Florida Pension fund loses quarter of its value
  25. Carmaker crash could cause 3 MILLION job losses
  26. Citigroup to lay off 53,000 more
  27. Mayor of Chicago: It's going to be frightening
  28. Unemployment HAS to be higher than 6.5%
  29. Report from Detroit -- massive layoffs coming
  30. Proof a Depression is coming
  31. Stunned Icelanders as their Ecomony Crashes
  32. Fed refuses to identify recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans
  33. DHL shutting down!
  34. Chinese factories closing by the tens of thousands
  35. Circuit City to close 1/5 of stores!
  36. Scandinavia forced into waiting arms of Euro
  37. Water crisis beginning in the USA!
  38. Container Ships Sitting Empty as Global Trade Slows; Greece Faces Dire Econ
  39. They still don't get it: Bloomberg: Wall Street Won't Surrender on Bonuses.
  40. Students flee country to flee student loans
  41. What is the rise in stocks based on?
  42. Smashing of dreams isn't over
  43. Volkswagen trading at TEN TIMES a decent value!
  44. Let the record show...
  45. Western Europe in the most trouble
  46. Volvo truck sales down 99.7%
  47. Asian markets tumble overnight; China's down 12%
  48. US Currency collapse within 30 days
  49. Central banks EVEN MORE desperate
  50. Layoffs to get REAL ugly