View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. The Paper Silver Market
  2. "The Rich are Taking a Wailing"
  3. "More Stupider Economics"
  4. Bernanke's Happy Conspiracy
  5. "A Truckload of Bad Data"
  6. "The Calm Before the Financial Storm?"
  7. "Financial Crisis Called Off"
  8. Insurance companies consider expenses to be assets!
  9. The Stock Market's going to crash!
  10. "The Reality TV at the End of the World"
  11. Blatant propaganda from CNN
  12. "No Durable Recovery"
  13. "Cloudy with a Chance of Economic Stupidity"
  14. Great video on coming Hyperinflation
  15. Toxic Loans Topping 5% May Push 150 Banks to Point of No Return
  16. No More Giveaways; No More Recovery
  17. Invisible market recovery
  18. Stock market being propped up by Fed printing Dollars
  19. The Expiring Economy
  20. GDP is a fraud
  21. BUSTED: FED Secretly monetizing debt -- Hyperinflation coming
  22. Gimme a break!
  23. Sell a hundred $40 cakes to make mortgage payment
  24. Two words: Greater Depression
  25. Failed state: Alabama will have to cut police budget
  26. James Kunstler 8/3/08
  27. Squandering ourselves into prosperity
  28. Corporate welfare -- at the expense of everything else
  29. Weak Treasury Auctions Raise Worries About US Debt Burden
  30. Fed is walking a tightrope on Hyperinflation - paying banks NOT to lend
  31. Detroit is America's post-apocalyptic future
  32. Bernanke: I don't know who we gave half a TRILLION dollars to
  33. California: A Budget Agreement That Breaks The State
  34. Irish collapse accelerating - others countries will follow
  35. White House delays budget update until after Heath Care vote
  36. Don't read the news: Read JUST THIS ONE article!
  37. Wrong about the Great Depression - wrong about today!
  38. California turns to Marijuana due to budget woes
  39. Long-term unemployed not counted in unemployment figures!
  40. A pleasant thought: they won't prosecute for Breaking & Entering
  41. Joe Biden: We have to spend money to avoid bankruptcy
  42. The Economy - worse than you think
  43. Where you use credit card can hurt you
  44. Bernie Madoff arrives in N.C. prison
  45. They are printing tons of paper GOLD
  46. French workers threaten to blow up factory
  47. FDIC preparing for massive numbers of bank closures
  48. True unemployment rate - 20%
  49. Banks stop accepting California IOUs -- collapse continues
  50. Sacramento, CA hit hard by State budget cuts