View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. Interesting case of couple with cheap 80K house -- it won't sell!
  2. Quotes from the experts - Nov 2006
  3. Experts warn: Imminent collapse of US Dollar
  4. Situation Report USA
  5. An interesting perspective
  6. What in the world are derivatives?
  7. Dollar continues its slide
  8. Interesting post on the American situation
  9. Construction activity plunges
  10. Fasten your seatbelts!
  11. US Dollar plunges to 15-year low
  12. One couple gets suckered in by the Bubble in California
  13. Economic tricks performed today
  14. History of the Dollar's value
  15. Death knell of the US Dollar
  16. Live like a king on minimum wage -- in America?
  17. Ford worries about "unanticipated events"
  18. US Dollar in strong decline
  19. Sales not so hot in November
  20. Housing bubble report from Boise,ID
  21. The Fed has been expanding the money supply!
  22. Messed up "derivatives" trading
  23. Hard times are on the way
  24. UK tells banks -- prepare for Housing Crash scenario
  25. Homebuyers backing out of deals in record numbers
  26. 57-year "Lifetime" mortgage now being offered
  27. Foreclosures up compared to last year
  28. Homebuilder takes 300 million dollar hit
  29. The howling wolves of financial crisis
  30. UK to launch 125% mortgage
  31. Now there are too many realtors
  32. 50% Drop in sales for 2 homebuilders -- WOW
  33. Housing Bubble burst already affecting many businesses
  34. Home buyers backing out of contracts
  35. Depressing, ain't it?
  36. Democrats warn that massive US debt could trigger crisis
  37. MUST READ: US Dollar's full-system meltdown
  38. How dumb can Americans be?
  39. Look for TONS of great sales this Christmas season
  40. Mall extremely quiet
  41. US Foreclosure rate soars 43%
  42. Economic fears up
  43. Buffalo, NY gets a taste of peak oil -- early
  44. UK lending suckers FIVE TIMES their gross income
  45. Americans' attention spans only go back to last TV commercial
  46. Cash-out financing hits peak
  47. Australian "poor" can afford plasma TV; can't afford groceries
  48. US Government "Plunge Protection Team" active
  49. Will America go bankrupt?
  50. Investors warned of post-election disaster