View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. Higher food prices already pinching customers
  2. Credit card debt leaps to new high
  3. Countrywide going bankrupt?
  4. These yuppies are going to freak
  5. Homes sales sink again
  6. In Panic, Bush hauls out the Plunge Protection Team
  7. The Financial System is in its death-throes
  8. B. Chapman's Fin. Newsletter speaks of the Illuminati, et al
  9. English Primier: 2008 will be a doozie
  10. US personal bankruptcy filings jump 40 percent
  11. Sucker bought a house at the WORST possible time
  12. What Will We Do When the Big Two Go Bust?
  13. 2008 -- the year everything JUST BREAKS
  14. More consumers 30-days late on bills
  15. Bankruptcies jump 40 percent in 07
  16. Rebuttal of Peak Oil
  17. Deception on a massive scale
  18. No more low-hanging fruit
  19. The new Ghost Towns
  20. This crisis is the worst ever
  21. Ireland stock market crashed 26% in 2007
  22. A warning for us -- Trade $1000 for $1?
  23. +W gives advice for coming economic storm
  24. Merril Lynch trying to save their sinking ship
  25. Goldman Sachs warns rivals set to take $33bn crunch hit
  26. Sudan chooses Euro over Dollar
  27. A Matter of Choice
  28. 2008 will be MUCH worse
  29. Houses post record annual drop
  30. Making seniors work to pay rising property taxes
  31. Property taxes soar in some places
  32. Dollar decline felt around the world
  33. Great Depression II is starting
  34. Train wreck imminent?
  35. 1929 will seem like a walk in the park
  36. Never happened before
  37. The Fed is desperate!
  38. It will be INflation, not DEflation, this time
  39. The World's Largest Banks Are Now Trapped
  40. The US Government's stock would be tanking
  41. You read it first on Cathinfo
  42. Going into debt to stay warm
  43. Staring into the Abyss
  44. Chinese Gov't buys part of Morgan Stanley
  45. When Fractional Reserve isn't Fractional enough
  46. Banks borrow emergency funds IN SECRET
  47. California to declare Fiscal Emergency
  48. Financial tsunami upon us
  49. Dollar has lost 1/3 value since 2002
  50. China tells major cities to stock up on food, oil