View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. Summary of what's going on these days
  2. Shopping Center economic model is history
  3. Rice panic
  4. Potatoes break new ground
  5. Oil hasn't gone up since 2001
  6. Morality lectures on money matters should be ignored
  7. Foreclosures jump 57% in last 12 months
  8. China is dumping the US Dollar!
  9. Economy's summer doldrums already here
  10. Wachovia resorts to emergency fundraising
  11. Food costs rising fastest in 17 years
  12. Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies
  13. Housing collapse spreads overseas
  14. Incredible shrinking city
  15. U.S. Lenders Freeze Home Equity Credit Lines
  16. More massive bad news for banks
  17. U.S. Crisis "Largest shock since the Great Depression"
  18. Wall Stree Banks to cut 35% of jobs!
  19. Record power prices in Europe
  20. Filipinos face jail time if they hoard rice
  21. Food prices threaten global security
  22. A good discussion on the comig third world food crisis
  23. Major banks in trouble
  24. Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone economics
  25. Banks turn LOSSES into paper profits
  26. Rice sharply higher on export controls
  27. There is no gas shortage
  28. Imminent rise in Oil price to $160/barrel
  29. Lenders letting squatters stay in foreclosed homes
  30. Wheat fungus to damage crop worldwide
  31. How could anyone be THIS stupid?
  32. The REAL value of gold
  33. Starving peasants CAN coexist with booming stock market
  34. Credit crisis and gold
  35. Silver, gold and surviving the coming times
  36. Silver keeps falling in price -- but is impossible to acquire!
  37. Now MERRILL LYNCH Preventing investors from exiting
  38. Chapman on the Illuminati & Bear Sterns Mugging
  39. Rice crisis across Asia
  40. Banks bribe squatters not to trash foreclosed homes
  41. Philadelphia suspends sales of foreclosed homes
  42. Fed considers nationalizing banks
  43. We're in for it!
  44. Investors are positively MAD (as in crazy)
  45. Tail wagging the dog
  46. People going into "Survival mode"
  47. Is the propaganda working?
  48. Silver shortage
  49. Financial destruction of the average man
  50. Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Bail