View full version: The Greater Depression - Chapter I
  1. The Depression of 2020,Many Restaurants, Bars,Retailers Closed and Never re-open
  2. Illegal immigrants steal over 40 million Social Security numbers
  3. Greedy CEOs of USA
  4. Now we are ALL homeschoolers
  5. FDIC worried about bank runs.
  6. Fed and Treasury merge into one organization?
  7. Fauci's Research Fraud Will Lead to the Complete Collapse of the Economy
  8. Collapse of Liberal Economic System Requires Bankruptcy Reorganization
  9. Airlines deserve free money government bailout - I am serious
  10. Depression
  11. 'Truckers Don't Deal in Fear': Union Pres. Promises Stores Will Stay Stocked
  12. 2 Trillion$ alone will not fix the broken America economy & Society
  13. Dems leverage fake climate change to delay coronavirus relief
  14. Must We Kill the Economy to Kill the Virus?
  15. Mark Dice
  17. BUY AMERICAN. (Boycott China)
  18. We Have An Economic Inferno Coming at Us! Steve Bannon
  19. Why so many CEOs resigning?
  20. Coronavirus End Game: Roll Out of the New Financial System
  21. China Moves Uyghur Muslims Into ‘Forced Labor’ Factories
  22. Hypothetical Market Crash - from 2012 - oldie but goodie
  23. The Fed and Bubbles
  24. Socialistic Horrors in California
  25. Wake up - or Die!
  26. Long Before Trump, We Were a Divided People
  27. United States - Third World Nation
  28. Feds Prints Money or Financial System Implodes!
  29. Fake Unemployment Numbers Were Created To Subdue Anger Against Wall Street
  30. Why the Fed is Quietly Bailing out Hedge Funds?
  31. Steven Mnuchin Explains Why $1.5 Trillion Have Disapeared
  32. U.S. Economy is Going Down Hard
  33. 53 Million Americans Drowning in Cycle of Low Wage Work
  34. Is the 'Mother of all Bubbles' About to Pop?
  35. Cheap Labor is the Opiate of Dying Nations
  36. Banks being bailed out secretly THIS WEEK
  37. Elderly woman in Ireland lives without electricity or running water in cottage
  39. Interest Rates and Demographics
  40. Bank with $49 Trillion in Derivatives Exposure melting down
  41. How Accurate Are The US Jobs Numbers?
  42. Calling it Talent is going a bit too far
  43. Trump and Mexico
  44. Millions of Americans are just one paycheck away from 'financial disaster'
  45. Income Inequality and the Decline of the middle class in two charts
  46. Resession Indicator Triggered
  47. "As Many As A Million Calves Lost in Nebraska Floods"
  48. The Rain Tax Cometh to New Jersey
  49. Western U.S Cities Rampant with Squalor
  50. A very very small taste of the 6th Age of the Church